16 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Fall Lawn Care

MacGyver of Fall Lawn Care

Use these crafty little tricks to impress your neighbors, grandkids, and significant other:

  1. For leveling new topsoil, place rocks or other heavy objects on top of a pallet and pull it behind your vehicle

  2. Make a cool garden hose holder by bolting a galvanized bucket to a wall and then coiling your hose around it

  3. Use Thompson Waterseal or Rustoleum NeverWet to waterproof the cushions of patio furniture

  4. Paint stepping stones with glow in the dark paint to illuminate walkways at night

  5. Attach a PVC pipe with a curved tip to your blower to easily clean leaves out of gutters without a ladder

  6. Cook a dozen marshmallows at once using a (sanitized) leaf rake

  7. Fix a leaky garden hose by inserting a toothpick and cutting off the excess.  The water will make the wood expand to fill the hole.

  8. Avoid raking entirely by using your mower to dice leaves and thatch and allow their nutrient content to be absorbed by the lawn

  9. Prevent weeds by sprinkling baking soda or salt into the cracks of your driveway or sidewalk

  10. Kill broadleaf weeds by mixing 1 oz. of vodka and a few drops of liquid soap into 2 cups of water.  Apply the mixture with a spray bottle.

  11. Use newspaper instead of expensive weed block fabric to economically prevent weeds from popping up in your new flowerbed

  12. Rub a thick coating of WD-40 onto wooden tool handles to protect against splintering

  13. Use the wood ash from your fire pit as organic lawn fertilizer

  14. Kill weeds without chemicals by pouring boiling water on them

  15. Remove rust from hand tools by soaking them in Coca-Cola

  16. Wait until September or October to buy a new mower.  That’s when they go on sale because retailers don’t want to hold the inventory until spring.

Are you a fall lawn care MacGyver? Post your cool trick in the comments!

Photo Credit: B. Jankuloski

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