How to Assemble the Brinly STS-426LXH 42″ Tow-behind Lawn Sweeper


Assembling the Brinly STS-426LXH 42″ Tow Lawn Sweeper

We’ve been at it again. We’ve shot and edited another assembly video, this time for the STS-426LXH tow-behind lawn sweeper. Coming on the heels of our well-received Dethatcher Kit offering, the timing seems just about perfect. These videos are meant to complement your Owner’s Manual to make assembling your Brinly products as clear and simple as humanly possible. After finally overcoming my procrastination, I made time to assemble my new sweeper last weekend. We’d just finished editing the video and I was curious to test it out. This being the first sweeper that I’ve ever assembled, I felt as though my experience would be relatively close to what a new sweeper owner would experience. I grabbed my laptop, the sweeper box and my toolbox, and plopped down right in my living room. I pulled up the video on our YouTube channel and set my laptop on a chair, then started removing parts from the box. I laid the manual next to the hardware push-pack and pressed play. Using only the video at first, I tried to attach the Upper Frame Assembly to the Brush Housing Assembly…backwards. Of course 2 of the 4 bolts won’t line up that way, so my mistake was almost immediately apparent. When I opened the manual, it was easy to see that I had simply flipped the Upper Frame Assembly so that it was facing the wrong direction. From that point on, I began using the manual to orient the part properly before pushing play on the video. It was smooth sailing from that point on; everything went together without a hitch. My takeaway from it was that the video assembly guides aren’t meant to replace the manual, but provide a visual complement to them. It’s good to have the static diagram in front of you to help see the order and orientation of each part. Then the video helps convert that static image into the 3D world and show the tools needed and range of motion for each step of the process.   Author: Brad Turner

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