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Mowing Your Lawn: 6 Hacks for Keeping Your Yard Looking Tidy and Well-Maintained

Tips on How to Mow Your Lawn… And Why It’s Worth Your Time Lawn mowing can be a boring, weekly chore. And when you’re busy working and raising a family, it’s just one more chore added to the honey-do list.Whether you’re new to homeownership or not, mowing your lawn can be a hassle—especially if you’re […]

How Often to Water Your Lawn in Summer? + 12 Tips for Responsible Watering

How Often to Water your Lawn in Summer? This is a question that comes up frequently, especially as the temperatures start to creep up across the country. Lawn care enthusiasts start to wonder how to adjust their watering schedule to ensure their lawn stays vibrant and green well into the rest of the year. Unfortunately, […]

10 Ways to Go From a Synthetic Lawn to an Organic One

If you’re curious about organic lawn care, you’re not alone. A lot of homeowners are turning to organic lawn care because it’s safer for their children and pets as well as they’re using less chemicals that can runoff into stormwater drains. Does Organic Lawn Care Work? In a nutshell, yes. However, it takes a few […]

Why Invest in a Brinly Lawn Roller? [VIDEO]

Why Brinly Lawn Rollers? First reason: Quality. We ensure our Rollers are made tough, with durability to last season after season. Second reason? All these great features to help you get the job done easily! The rounded drum ends ensure a smooth tractor turn without damaging lawns. The extra large diameter fill opening expedites filling […]

10 Common Weeds & How to Control Them Without Killing Your Lawn

Weeds—they’re everywhere. If you want a weed-free lawn, you need to know which weeds are living in your yard and then, use the right herbicides to get rid of them. But your job isn’t done yet. Instead, you need to incorporate some healthy lawn habits to ensure that these weeds can’t return to your beautiful […]

NEW Brinly Attachments for RYOBI Electric Mowers

attachments for ryobi electric mower

Introducing two new attachments for The RYOBI Electric Mower! We’ve introduced both a new front-mount dethatcher and a front-mount blade, both designed to fit the popular RYOBI electric riding mowers (models RY48110 and RY48111).  These new attachments have the durability and all the top-of-the-line features you’ve come to expect from Brinly. Read on below to […]