New Year, New Lawn: Must-Have Equipment for Lawn Improvement

aerate and overseed for beautiful grass
Beautiful green grass is in your reach!

The new year brings us a chance for new resolutions; whether that means exercising more, less screen time, or learning a new skill, most of us have a few things we’d like to improve come 2019. If one of those resolutions just happens to be turning your lawn into a lush green paradise, then that’s where we can help!

The first step to lawn improvement is to get the right tools. If you already keep a large yard maintained, then you know the importance of this, and what a time saver those tools and tractor attachments can be. With spring closer than you think, consider investing in new or better lawn equipment to ensure you make 2019 the year your yard goes from bland to grand.

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5 Products You’ll Need for Lawn Improvement

Spring is the best time to get started on lawn improvements; right after your grass has been dormant during the winter months. And believe it or not, now is actually a great time to stock up on equipment. Many retailers will offer holiday deals and/or free shipping around this time, plus you can get prepared ahead of your lawn improvement plans so you aren’t looking for equipment at the last minute.

If you’re wondering how to improve a lawn, proper yard maintenance involves many steps; from aerating to dethatching to fertilizing. There is really no perfect “one size fits all” plan for spring lawn improvement, as it will depend on the soil , the type of grass growing, and your location. You can check out our Lawn Care Calendar to learn about the suggested maintenance schedule in your location, and what to do when. You can also read through our “How Tos” page to learn expert tips and instructions.

Now, to get you ready for the new year and a new (healthier!) lawn, here are the five must-have tools for lawn improvements in the new year:

Brinly 40″ Plug Aerator
  1. Spike and Plug Aerators: Spike and plug aerators are designed to pull up plugs of soil. By pulling out soil plugs, the aerator also digs deep, tiny holes in the ground. This benefits your lawn in many ways: It opens up the soil to release carbon dioxide. It allows water, oxygen, and sunlight to penetrate deep into the ground. And it provides deep holes for grass seed to develop deep root systems and germinate faster.


  1. Lawn Dethatchers: Thatch is that organic layer that exists between the live turfgrass above and the soil below. It consists of dead grass leaves and roots. Your lawn can handle up to a half inch of thatch. However, thatch that’s thicker than half an inch harbors disease and insects. Plus, it essentially strangles your lawn, keeping water, air and light from reaching the soil line and the roots underneath. Dethatchers pull out excess thatch to prepare your lawn for aeration and overseeding.


  1. Lawn rollers: A lawn roller “pats down” the seed so that it makes contact with the soil. This process allows for faster germination. Lawn rollers are perfect to use after overseeding your lawn. Additionally, lawn rollers help get rid of any air pockets and ensure that the turfgrass roots can make contact with the soil, which assists in establishing sod.
towable sweeper
Brinly 42″ Lawn Sweeper with Dethatcher


  1. Lawn sprayer: A lawn sprayer tows behind your garden tractor. With a sprayer, you can accurately apply liquid fertilizer, herbicides and pest controls to your lawn and landscape. Many lawn sprayers are designed to handle different landscaping jobs, such as applying nutrients or controls to tall trees and shrubs as well as to your lawn grass.
  1. Lawn sweepers: Tow-behind lawn sweepers are designed to eliminate the need to rake, saving your back and arms from over-exertion. They are made to pick up fallen leaves, brush, small twigs, and grass clippings. Indeed, lawn sweepers really do makes fall and spring clean-ups a breeze so you can enjoy your weekends. Why rake when the lawn sweeper does it for you?

Why Brinly-Hardy lawn equipment?

Brinly-Hardy’s lawn products are built to get the results you want and make tough work easier. Brinly lawn care products are built with the Do-It-Yourself’er in mind. They make taking care of your yard a cinch so you can check projects off your list quickly.

Brinly-Hardy products are all backed by warranties, as well as 180 years of service and industry expertise. You can feel confident buying our products because you’re guaranteed protection against defective material and shoddy workmanship.


Where Can You Find Brinly-Hardy Lawn Products?

You can find our lawn tools at various online and big box store retailers. Here is a list of where our tools can be found:

1. Amazon

2. Hayneedle

3. The Home Depot – Canada

4. The Home Depot – U.S.

5. Lowes

6. Northern Tool + Equipment

7. Rural King

Did we leave anything off our list? What is your favorite piece of equipment to use for getting a beautiful lawn? Let us know in the comments!