Rough Winter Conditions No Match for Small Indiana Town

POWERtach Snowstorm Nemo Crop2 1

Snow RemovingAs New Englanders prepared for winter storm Nemo, one company in Jeffersonville, Indiana was preparing to supply some of the snowplows needed to clear the streets. Brinly-Hardy Company, who manufactures the POWERtach™ hydraulic plow for John Deere, is keeping a close eye on the aftermath of the storm that dumped over 40 inches of snow on the northeastern United States. While most of the snow removing on the main roads will be done by large salt trucks, many of the side roads, neighborhoods and parking lots will be cleared by Utility Terrain Vehicles like this John Deere Gator that was pictured by USA Today.

These UTV’s, when equipped with the POWERtach™ plow and the Spyker Electric Spreader, become full-fledged snow removal machines, clearing snow and ice with ease. The patented lift design has maximum POWER with fast action angle-to-angle and up-down movement. The mount and blade remove within minutes — while maintaining vehicle ground clearance. The 5-position Joy Stick located inside the vehicle allows the driver to make adjustments without ever leaving the seat.

POWERtach™ plows are designed from the ground up with powerful snow breaking and terrain-leveling capabilities. It’s the most robust in the industry designed for all-season utility. The patented power lift and angle with reinforced steel moldboard ensure maximum durability.

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Author: Brad Turner

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