Spring Time is Derby Time!

Thoroughbred 1

To say KY Derby week is exciting is an understatement. It’s the most exciting time in the state and the king of all horse racing.

Horse racing buffs from all over the country will have their opinion, but it’s also not an understatement to say Churchill Downs is the prettiest track in the country – from the twin spires, the infield, its large renovated areas, down to its lush grounds both on track and off including the beautiful Paddock area with tulips and knockout roses abundant.

The man responsible for the track and grounds, longtime track superintendent Butch Lehr, will be retiring after some 45 years of successful grounds maintenance. You can read the article on Churchill Downs’ site.

We understand why people spend so much time chasing aspirations of the perfect lawn, just as Butch did. And we hope our lawn attachments help those achieve these results. With spring time in full swing, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to dethatch, sweep and feed your lawn with a push spreader or tow spreader.

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