The Origin of Leisure


Stone Age humanoids began crafting tools for one reason only – to maximize the amount of time available for relaxing in sun-warmed hammocks while sipping on Mai Tais. However, as humankind has evolved so has the complexity of our cave, hut and home improvement projects. Subsequently we as a species remain confronted with the dreadful ultimatum of updating our tools to keep up with heavier workloads or giving up our free time all together. Yard work is one of weekend’s largest predators and why it’s necessary for us to take a quick look at sweeping.

Sweep, itself, is a rather generic term. International spies are known to sweep rooms for listening devices. A couple in love might sweep each other off their feet. A basketball team could make a clean sweep of its opponents during a tournament. Cobra Kai bully, Johnny, was told to sweep the leg of Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid. But most importantly you can sweep your lawn clear of yard debris with a single Brinly attachment for your ride-on mower.

The Brinly 42” Lawn Sweeper attaches to the back of most ride-on mowers and is designed to quickly clear your lawn of grass clippings, leaves and other small debris. It has a mammoth 20 cubic foot capacity hamper, made of durable polyweave fabric, which makes it difficult to believe that the entire unit folds down for convenient upright storage. There’s no magic equation to figure out exactly how much time, not to mention back ache, you’ll save using this sweeper; but with six high-velocity brushes and a 5:1 brush/wheel ratio I’d count on hours. With multi-season use, over the course of a year, those saved hours could easily translate into days of saved time.

To think that next winter you could have a snowball fight without having to pick leaves out of them first. You could free up an entire day to take your significant other on a date to wherever it was you love birds first met. It could actually an option to do nothing more than plunk down on the couch and cheer on your favorite team or watch a movie from the 80’s. Best of all with a Brinly Lawn Sweeper you’d save plenty of time to simply lay back in a hammock and drink Mai Tais like our primitive ancestors.

If you like the way that sounds you can get more information and product specs from our website (using the link below) and find the Brinly Lawn Sweeper in your local big box home improvement stores, or online.

Click here to view the Brinly 42″ Lawn Sweeper for Avant Sapiens

(Note: International Spies probably don’t have a lot of downtime but provided they maintain their own yard and use the Brinly 42” Lawn Sweeper they should have additional time to dedicate to international spying.)

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