Why Invest in a Brinly Lawn Roller? [VIDEO]

Why Brinly Lawn Rollers?

First reason: Quality. We ensure our Rollers are made tough, with durability to last season after season. Second reason? All these great features to help you get the job done easily!

  • The rounded drum ends ensure a smooth tractor turn without damaging lawns.
  • The extra large diameter fill opening expedites filling and emptying.
  • The scraper bar above drum keeps roller free from debris as you roll.
  • The lightweight compact size allows for easy storage when not in use.
  • Dent- and rust-proof poly drum comes in multiple gallon capacities so you can get the right size for your job
  • Backed up by a 2-year warranty

Here are the best times to use your Brinly Lawn Roller:

You’ve made the decision to buy a Lawn Roller by Brinly (good choice!) but now what? Here’s when you should put your roller to use.

  • After seeding or re-seeding – To help ensure all the seeds come into contact with the soil, you should roll your lawn after a first seeding or reseeding is done. This speeds up new growth!
  • After putting down fresh sod – When you install new sod, air pockets can develop underneath. This is an issue because it means the sod may not grow in its new setting if it does not make full contact with the soil underneath. Use your roller for sod to eliminate the air pockets, ensuring a bond between the new sod and soil.
  • To Establish Smoothness and Fix Damage –  Sometimes bumps will develop– whether they are mole hills or snow heaves, they can make a pretty unattractive impact on a lawn. When this happens, use a lawn roller to smooth out damage or irregularities.  This is best done when the ground is still soft and more moist after the winter Season.

Where to buy a Brinly Roller?

Brinly Poly Yard Rollers can be purchased from these top retailers. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Brinly Customer Service team at 877-728-8224 or customerservice@brinly.com.

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