Where can we go to purchase your parts?
How long will it take to get my parts?
How do I check the status of my order?
Can I track my order online?
Can I return the parts ordered from customer service?
How much will shipping my parts cost me?
What if I am missing parts from the carton on a new product purchase?
Can I purchase individual parts?
How do I know what parts to order?
Where can we go to purchase your product?
How long is the warranty on my product?
How can I register my product for warranty?
What do I need in order to obtain parts under warranty when I call the customer service?
I recently purchased an old unit of Brinly's from an auction—can I still purchase parts?
Can I download a manual from the website?
Is there a fax number to the Customer Service Department at Brinly-Hardy Company?
What hours is the Customer Service Department open at Brinly-Hardy Company?
I need service on my Lawn Vac engine, where can I get service?
I purchased a spreader and it came with two lock pins. Do I put one in each wheel?
Do I need to drain my roller before storing?
I own an aerator spreader. Can I aerate without spreading?
I've only had my sweeper for a couple of weeks now and the brushes are worn down and keep coming off. Do you know what the problem might be?
How much weight can I put in the Poly carts?
Where can I purchase a sleeve hitch for my tractor?