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Lawn Rollers

  • Can I fill the roller with materials other than sand?

    Yes, you can fill the roller with sand, small gravel, or event cement however we cannot cover cracks and damages to units that were used with materials other than water.

  • Do I need to drain my roller after use?

    Yes, you need to drain your roller completely and store it without the plug in place. Storing your roller with the plug out of place will assist in preventing pressure warping.

  • Can I backup my lawn roller?

    We do not recommend using the unit in reverse except when necessary. The towbar was not designed to handle the weight of a full roller in reverse.

  • What types of jobs is the lawn roller good for other than rolling lawns?

    The Lawn roller may be useful in other areas than just lawns. The lawn roller can be helpful with sod as well as some soft surface application. The lawn roller should not be used on gravel lest the rocks puncture the polycarbonate shell.

  • If my roller is dented or warped, is there anything I can do to fix it?

    Yes! The roller drum if formed with a “memory” to hold its shape. Simply remove the plug, empty the roller drum and set it in direct sunlight, with the flat spot up. The heat from the sun will expand the roller drum and it will go back round. If the unit does not reform immediately, be patient. Slowly rotate the unit over the course of a day or two to remove the flat spot.