Got a ZTR Mower? You Need Brinly’s ZTR Attachments

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Put your zero turn riding mower to the test. If your ZTR is engineered to hitch a lawn care and garden attachment to it, you now have the freedom to mow your lawn as well as care for it at the same time.

Why Use Accessories for Zero Turn Mowers?

While lawn care attachments are designed for lawn and garden tractors, some ZTRs can also be used with attachments. Before you buy any accessories for your ZTR, read your Zero Turn’s manufacturing manual first.

If you enjoy working on your property, including your lawn, you need ZTR accessories designed to care for it. While the following products are intended for riding lawn mowers, they make perfect add-ons for zero turn mowers as well.

  • Lawn sweeperStop raking your large lawn. Instead, invest in Brinly’s lawn sweeper that uses brushes to pull up leaves, twigs, pinecones, and other lawn debris. The lawn sweeper flips the yard waste into a hamper so you can take it to your burn pile.
  • Tow spreaderOur tow spreaders, heavy-duty broadcast spreaders, come in two sizes. Our 125lb. tow behind spreader works perfectly for small yards (under one acre). Our 175lb. tow behind spreader works well for larger lawns of one acre or more. Both tow spreaders feature a universal hitch that fits most ZTR mowers.
  • Spike and plug aeratorOur aerators work hard to relieve your property’s soil from compaction, and they work well as an attachment for ZTRs. When you aerate your lawn, carbon dioxide releases from the ground. Aeration also preps the ground to receive water, oxygen, and seed.

For example, Brinly’s 40” Aerator/Spreader aerates the soil at the same time that it fertilizes and adds seed to the ground. Our 40” aerator/spreader includes a durable steel frame and drawbars for heavy-duty use. This aerator comes with a 2-year guarantee for your satisfaction.

  • Lawn rollerSmooth out your lawn and push grass seed firmly into the ground with our lawn roller. Follow your owners’ manual to make sure your ZTR can carry Brinly’s lawn roller. Our lawn rollers come in these sizes:
    1. 42 gallon
    2. 54 gallon
    3. 76 gallon
    4. 28 Gallon

Here’s a video to help you visualize how the lawn roller works with your ZTR.

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Two Brinly Accessories for Zero Turn Mowers

At Brinly, we also have ZTR accessories designed specifically for zero turn mowers. Here are two attachments for ZTRs:

  • The Rear Mounted ZTR Spreader hitches up with Toro’s Timecutter ZTR.This zero turn mower attachment can hold up to 80 pounds of seed, fertilizer, ice melt, and more. The Rear Mounted ZTR Spreader includes patented ACCUWAY Spread technology.

Always Use Caution When You Hook Up Your ZTR Accessories

First, you need to consult your owner’s manual to see what capacity your particular zero turn mower can handle. You don’t want to hitch anything to the back of your ZTR if your mower wasn’t designed to carry attachments.

After that, you need to make sure that your ZTR has a hitch kit included with it or if you need to buy one for your mower. If your ZTR came outfitted with hitch capacity, check the ball size to make sure you can attach ZTR accessories to your mower.

When you hook up your lawn care attachment to your ZTR, use care, and make sure children and pets aren’t playing nearby.

Brinly recommends that you reduce your speed to three to five miles per hour when towing one of our ZTR accessories. The Sisters Grimm also added these guidelines:

  • Use your ZTR with a lawn care attachment only on dry grass.
  • Don’t use excessive speed while using your ZTR mower.
  • Make wide turns to prevent jack-knifing. You risk jack-knifing when your “ZTR skids while the trailer (in your case, the attachment) spins around and collides with it.”
  • Slow down before you plan to stop your mower. The lawn care attachment’s excess weight makes it difficult for your ZTR mower to come to a complete stop.
  • Give yourself plenty of space to stop your mower for the above reasons.

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Don’t use your ZTR with a lawn care attachment near any dangerous spots on your property. Five examples of hazards include slopes, ditches, landscaped areas, hardscapes, and water features.

  • Tow only using a hitch specifically made for your lawn care attachment.
  • Don’t hitch lawn care attachments that weigh more than your ZTR’s manufacturer’s recommendations.

Where to Find Your Brinly ZTR Accessories

Lastly, if you own a high-power zero turn mower, you can find your Brinly attachments for ZTRs online. If you have any questions about your zero turn mower attachments, you can call our customer service at 877-728-8224.

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