Check out This Year’s Brinly Gift Guide!

The holiday gift-giving season is just around the corner. What do you buy for your favorite gardener? Fortunately, Santa Claus works with Brinly-Hardy to provide you with a nice selection of lawn equipment for the serious gardener or lawn care enthusiast in your life.

Time to Shop, but Where to start?

You can trust that Brinly-Hardy lawn and garden equipment makes a perfect gift (much better than that pair of socks you were considering…) But maybe you’re not sure where to start when it comes to shopping for lawn and garden tools? According to our lawn calendar, there are five important lawn care jobs your gardener needs to complete during the growing season: 1. Dethatching: Where tines give your lawn a good brushing. Thatch is the brown layer between the soil line and the live turf. It consists of roots, dead shoots, and other plant debris. When it gets too thick, it can suffocate your lawn. 2. Aerating: An aerator uses spikes to create grooves or spoons to pull small plugs of soil out of the ground to let in air, sunlight and water. Aeration also allows carbon dioxide to be released from the ground. 3. Seeding: Depending on the time of year, your gardener may also seed their lawn right after they aerate it. Learn more about BH lawn equipment in this blog: “9 Tips to Help Plant Trees and Shrubs in the Fall.” 4. Fertilizing: The soil needs nutrients to house a healthy turf. When your gardener applies fertilizer, it goes into the ground to replenish missing elements (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous) and minerals. 5. Overseeding: If you live in the northern part of the U.S. or Canada, your gardener will aerate, then overseed your lawn in the fall. Broadcast spreaders are the go-to tool for this job. While your gardener may appreciate you being extra generous and buying them all of Brinly-Hardy’s lawn equipment, it’s probably best to check their garden shed or garage to see what equipment they already own if possible. Alternatively, ask them about their big lawn projects for 2019– find out what they want to accomplish and where the biggest need is, then pick the right tool for the job.  

7 Gifts for Gardeners and Lawn Care Gurus

spike aerator 1. Spike and plug aerators: Our aerators are designed to last a long time. They’re made out of heavy-duty steel and other durable materials to ensure they stand the test of time. lawn dethatcher 2. Lawn dethatchers: At Brinly-Hardy, we have three sizes of dethatchers for you to choose from 40”, 48” and the 48” ZTR. Our dethatchers are designed to pull out thick thatch so your lawn can breathe again. poly dump cart 3. Tow-behind carts: Our tow-behind carts are unique because they’re made from one-piece, heavy-duty compression molded polypropylene. We’re the only lawn equipment manufacturer that sells a durable, poly dump cart on the market. sod roller 4. Lawn rollers: Our rollers gently push seed deep into the ground or sets sod on the soil. Our lawn rollers also get rid of air pockets as sod that is settling in your yard. BH lawn rollers are designed to make lawn care easy and fast. garden sprayer 5. Lawn sprayers: How does your favorite gardener apply liquid fertilizer, insect and weed controls and other liquid-based lawn products? The Brinly lawn sprayer won’t rust—even with corrosive insecticide and pesticide use. The entire product is anti-corrosive including its tank, tubing, valves, and powder-coated steel frame. tow behind broadcast spreader 6. Tow spreaders: Our tow-behind broadcast spreaders come in two sizes, 125-lb and 175-lb. They feature a universal hitch that fits most lawn tractors. Our tow spreaders can disperse all types of lawn care products, including fertilizer, grass seed, fungicides, ice melt, insecticides and sand. push spreader 7. Push spreaders: Our walk-behind lawn spreaders hold up to 50 lb. of granular materials and come in two different styles: The standard 50lb. push spreader and the 50 lb. push spreader with side deflector to control distribution.

Where to Buy the Top Brinly Gifts for Gardeners

So, if you’re wondering how to get your hands on one of these great lawn care products, you can check out the retailers below: If you need to buy parts, go to our online Parts Store. If you have a question about our products, call us today at (877) 728-8224 for U.S. residents or (519) 652-9611 for Canada. Our customer service department is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. You also send us a message online through our contact form.