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ground engaging


See FAQs for Specific Models here: BS-381BH, FB-42RY, BS-42BH, BB-562, FB-42RYZT, CC-560, DD-551BH, PP-510, OPL-BH

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Ground Engaging

  • How can I prevent corrosion of the unit after assembly?

    Learn more about proper care and storage in your product manual.

  • What is the recommended snow depth that this blade can handle?

    We expect that an angled blade can push roughly 4 inches of snow up until traction is broken by the compaction of the snow in front?

  • Can I turn my box scraper into a rear blade?

    Yes. If you would like to turn your Box Scraper into a rear blade simply remove the scarifier bar’s clips and take off the side plates.

  • What depth will the discs on my disc harrow go?

    Depending on weight and soil conditions, we expect that the discs can puncture and till the soil up to 4″

  • What is the width of the blade and how wide of a path can it clear?

    The blade is 42” wide so theoretically it can plow a path that wide while locked straight; however, if you decide to angle the blade the width will be somewhat less.

  • Does this product have a lift arm? Can I lift it without a hydraulic lift or 3 point hitch on my tractor?

    You will need a Sleeve Hitch on your tractor for the BS-381BH to operate properly. Please check with your tractor manufacturer to be certain a Sleeve Hitch is compatible with your tractor.

  • Are the front teeth adjustable, I need to break up the hard ground for leveling, will this work?

    The BS-38BH is the perfect piece of equipment to do leveling and grading. The teeth of the scarifier bar is not adjustable but is removable depending on how you are using the scraper. The attached video may help you better understand the capability of this scraper.