Ground Engaging

Brinly’s line of ground-engaging garden attachments includes top-of-the-line tools to help with everything from plowing your garden to clearing snow and gravel.

Most have heard of the legendary Brinly plow, but our comprehensive line also features a disc harrow, rear blade, cultivator, and box scraper. All of Brinly’s tractor attachments are built to fit your sleeve hitch, meaning you can achieve the results you want right from the seat of your tractor. Attach the garden cultivator to remove weeds and loosen dirt, or use the disc harrow to ensure perfectly smooth, uniform soil. No matter the job, we have the powerful ground-engaging tool to get it done.

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  • bs38bh

    38” Sleeve Hitch Box Scraper | BS-38BH

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  • BB51

    42” Sleeve Hitch Rear Blade | BB-562BH

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  • CC 56BH 1

    Sleeve Hitch Cultivator | CC-56BH

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  • dd55bh

    Sleeve Hitch Disc Harrow | DD-55BH

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  • pp51bh

    Sleeve Hitch Moldboard Plow | PP-51BH

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