Picking the Best Lawn Spreaders in 2023


Are you a serious DIYer? Do you have a large property where the best lawn spreaders will work for you?

Then you need a commercial lawn spreader to meet your landscaping needs. Enter Spyker Spreaders, Brinly’s sister, for commercial lawn care products.

How to Pick the Best Lawn Spreaders

There are three types of lawn spreaders:

  • The broadcast (or rotary) spreader – These spreaders are pushed and broadcast a large amount of material, such as lawn seed, fertilizer, and topdressing. Broadcast spreaders work well on large lawns.
  • The handheld spreader – You hold the handheld spreader to fill tight spaces with lawn seed, fertilizer, and topdressing. The handheld spreader works well on small lawns and hard-to-reach areas.
  • The drop spreader – You have more control when you use the drop spreader, which puts down lawn seed, fertilizer, and topdressing. The material goes down through the hopper and out of the bottom. Drop spreaders work well with mid-size lawns.

Why You Need a Commercial Lawn Spreader for Your Residential Lawn

If you are unsatisfied with the residential lawn spreaders on the market or have a large lawn, invest in a commercial lawn spreader.

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Why a commercial lawn spreader?

Commercial lawn spreaders are manufactured differently from their regular lawn spreader counterparts. Commercial lawn spreaders are tougher because they can handle heavier materials used repeatedly over a growing season.

Commercial lawn spreaders also cover a larger area faster than consumer lawn spreaders. DIYers with large properties will find that commercial lawn spreaders accommodate their needs better than what could be found at the local big-box retailer.

Also, commercial lawn spreaders come as push, tow-behind, and lawn care attachments. If you have an ATV, UTV, or garden tractor, you want a tow-behind lawn spreader.

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Commercial lawn care attachment spreaders may be more expensive, but they’re the gold standard for covering giant lawns.

How Do You Choose the Best Commercial Lawn Spreader for Your Property?

While there are no uniformly best lawn spreaders for everyone—it all comes down to your needs, preferences, and budget.

According to HouseMethod.com, the best lawn spreader would be a commercial manual spreader. If you’re covering large land areas, you want a tow-behind or lawn mower attachment to cover more ground efficiently.

You can use your commercial lawn spreader throughout the year, including the winter, when you’ll put down ice melt or rock salt on your driveway and sidewalks.

Why Spyker Spreaders Make the Best Lawn Spreaders

While the best lawn spreader is in the eye of the owner, Spyker Spreaders are built to last. Check out the star rating of two of our online retailers and reviews left on Spyker’s website:

  1. Northern Tool + Equipment rates the
    1. Spyker Electric Spreader, 120 lb. capacity, model number: S80-12010 with 5 stars
    1. Spyker ERGO-Pro Walk Behind Salt Spreader, 100 lbs. capacity, model number: SPY100-1S with 4 stars
    1. Spyker Premium Series Broadcast Spreader, 50 lbs. capacity, model number: P20-5010 with 4.3 stars.
    1. Spyker Pro-Series Broadcast Spreader, 120 lbs. capacity, model number: S60-12020 with 5 stars
    1. Spyker ERGO-Pro Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader, 50 lbs. capacity, model number: SPY50L-1P with 4.6 stars.
  • SLE Equipment rates the
    • Spyker SPY50L-1P (ERGO-PRO) with 5 stars
    • Spyker SPY80-1S ERGO-PRO Broadcast Spreader with 5 stars
    • Spyker P70-12010 Drop Spreader with 4.5 stars.
  • Spyker Spreaders, our sister company, has reviews from customers:
    • ERGO-PRO SPY50L-1P 50# Broadcast Spreader with 4.4 stars
    • ERGO-PRO SPY100-1S 100# Ice Melt Winter Spreader with 3.88 stars
    • ERGO-PRO SPY80-1P 80# Broadcast Spreader with 4.54 stars
    • ERGO-PRO SPY80-1S 80# Broadcast Spreader with 4.68 stars
    • PRO-SERIES P20-5010 50# Light Duty Broadcast Spreader with 4.47 stars
    • PRO-SERIES P30-17520 175# Commercial Tow Spreader with 4.46 stars
    • PRO-SERIES S60-12020 120# Commercial Broadcast Spreader with 4.85
    • PRO-SERIES S80-12010 120# Electric Spreader with 5 stars.

If you love working on your property, but because of its size, you need a lawn spreader that can handle big jobs, then you need Spyker Spreaders.

You can find our Spyker lawn spreaders and other landscaping products at your local dealer, online at these retailers, or the Spyker store.

Spyker Customer Service: For warranty, service parts, or help at any time, reach out to our team by calling our toll-free number (800-972-6130) or emailing customerservice@brinly.com. Replacement parts can also be ordered online at Spyker’s website.


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