What Type of Lawn Spreader Is Best?

Lawn spreaders are an essential part of any homeowner’s toolbox. They help you put down fertilizer, grass seed, and ice melt. A lawn spreader is an all-year tool, and we are going to talk about what type of lawn spreader is best.

How do you know what type of lawn spreader is best for you?

Read on to learn more about lawn spreaders and the best types of lawn spreaders that will serve you best.

What Is a Lawn Spreader?

A lawn spreader, also known as a fertilizer spreader, has a hopper that holds fertilizer, grass seed, or ice melt. There are two kinds of spreaders: broadcast and drop spreaders. Lawn spreaders break down further into these three sub-types:

  • Broadcast spreader: A broadcast spreader puts down materials in a wide arc to cover a large area. For example, if you have a large lawn, a broadcast spreader puts down more seed in less time than a drop spreader.
  • Drop spreader: A drop spreader does precisely what the name implies: it drops material where needed.

Furthermore, at Brinly, we have a combination lawn aerator and drop spreader where the tines pull up soil plugs, and the spreader puts fertilizer or lime deep into the holes, preventing soil amendments from washing away. The best type of lawn spreader will vary from person to person.

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  • Handheld spreader: A handheld spreader is a small spreader that you hold in your hand and use a crank to move the product from the hopper to the surface. Handheld spreaders are perfect for putting down material in small spaces, such as flowerbeds or on icy steps.

As you can see from the above list, you have many lawn spreaders depending on the job.

What Type of Lawn Spreader Is Best?

Also, you want to purchase a quality-made lawn spreader instead of a mass-produced one, which tends to have a shorter life.

You also want a lawn spreader that will get the job done. If you’re putting down grass seed, you want the best type of lawn spreader to match your needs.

Our 50 lb. Push Spreader with Deflector Kit holds 50 lb. of material in its poly hopper; its pneumatic turf tread tires allow you to quickly push the spreader without back strain. Plus, the tires will not leave ruts in your yard.

The 175-lb. The tow Spreader is perfect for large lawns. It has AutoFlow™ technology that prevents less seed waste and a more precise application. This tow spreader features a 3.5 cu. ft—hopper, which covers one acre or more of an area.

You want to see our professional line of ERGO-PRO spreaders if you need an ergonomic spreader that prevents muscle pain.

The Best Types of Lawn Spreaders

At Brinly, we sell the best types of lawn spreaders. Here are four Brinly Spreaders that help you get the job done efficiently and expertly:

  1. Tow Spreaders: Our Brinly Tow Spreaders come in two capacities, the 125 lb Tow Spreader, and the 175 lb. Tow Spreader.

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The best type of lawn spreaders are made to last.

Past that, both tow spreaders are built of durable, rust-proof polyethylene that stands up to fertilizers. The fertilizer spreader has an enclosed gearbox and stainless steel interior hardware that resists rust.

  • Push Spreaders:Our 50 lb. push spreaders hold grass seed, fertilizer, lime, and other materials in their poly hopper. The push spreaders come with a rugged powder-coated frame, enclosed gears, and pneumatic turf tread. It’s perfect for homeowners with up to a half-acre of land.
  • 5 lb Handheld Spreader:Our handheld spreader is perfect for seeding small areas, such as flower beds. The easy scoop design makes filling quick and easy. And the ultra-durable thick poly construction has strong durability.

Lastly, use the handheld spreader to put down ice melt or sand during the winter. The handheld spreader has a rotary broadcast design for a more even spread over the area you’re working on.

  • 70 lb. Capacity Broadcast Ice Melt Spreader: This handy ice spreader has a rust-proof hopper that holds ice melt, grass seed, or fertilizer. The aluminum gears are enclosed to prevent rust and extend the spreader’s life.

The 70 lb. Capacity Broadcast Ice Melt Spreader helps the homeowner or snow crews during the winter. It’s made of rugged polypropylene, so the hopper won’t rust, dent, or crack—even in below-freezing temperatures.

Buy your next Brinly spreader online. If you have questions about your Brinly lawn and garden product, contact our customer service today by dialing 877-728-8224 or filling out our contact form.

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