Get Those Leaves Off of Your Lawn; Here’s How to Do Easy Leaf Removal This Fall

As fall continues on, the leaves from your trees, and possibly your neighbor’s, will start to pile up on your yard. Is it worth cleaning them up? Yes! You don’t want leaves to stay on your lawn all winter long creating the potential for disease and other lawn care problems.

Fall Leaf Clean-Up Means a Better Yard

If you’re a typical DIY’er, you like to spend your time working on your property’s curb appeal. You can spruce up your yard and show off your lawn’s lush, green grass by cleaning up your trees’ leaves.

fall easy leaf removal

  If you think you don’t need to clean up the leaves this autumn, consider these potential problems first:
  • Lawn care experts recommend that you keep mowing your lawn until the first freeze. You won’t be able to cut your turfgrass if it’s covered in a thick layer of leaves.
  • Leaves encourage thatch growth, which can block nutrients and promote disease.
  • Leaves stop turfgrass development because the grass can’t get any sunlight, air, and water.
  • You’ll find bare patches on your yard next spring due to turf death.
  • Plus, leaf piles smother the grass underneath it causing the potential for lawn diseases to develop.
  • Also, leaf piles can contribute to snow molds on your turfgrass later in the winter.
  • Leaves provide a perfect nesting place for mice, moles, rabbits, and other critters. If leaves are piled up around a tree trunk, and there’s snow on the ground, rabbits and mice will make a beeline for the trunk and the roots to nibble on.
  • If you have pets, wet leaves hide their messes and create extra clean-up for you.
  • Wet leaves also create a hazard if you have people (or tricker-or-treaters) walking across your lawn to get to your front porch. They could slip and fall because of wet leaves.

Want Easy Leaf Removal? Start with the Right Tool

While you may not be motivated to manually rake up piles of leaves day or week after week during the autumn season, you can invest in a lawn sweeper to make your yard clean up significantly easier and less time consuming. A lawn sweeper is a popular choice among homeowners looking for easy leaf removal. It comes in two varieties: pull behind and push from the front. Both types have sweepers on mechanical rotors that allows them to sweep up leaves, grass clippings, and twigs. Lawn sweepers aren’t equipped to do heavy duty work such as moving trees and dense brush, but they’re useful for basic yard clean up in the fall and spring. You can even use these sweepers to dust off your patio, walkways, and driveway. They’re that versatile. Lawn sweepers are easy to take care of too. When you’re finished using the yard sweeper for the day, clean off the bristles, make sure nothing is underneath the equipment and clean out the hopper with a dry cloth. After you’re done using the yard sweeper for the fall and spring seasons, you should grease the wheel bearings and brush shafts unless these parts are sealed.  

Brinly Lawn Sweepers Get the Job Done

At Brinly, we have two types of yard sweepers that keep your property looking tidy during the fall season:
  • Brinly Lawn Sweeper with Dethatcher: Our newest design means you can now have a 2-in-1 sweeper that allows you to dethatch your lawn and clean up the debris at the same time. If you need only to pick up leaves, then you only pull the handle to move the tines up and away. It’s easy and efficient! You can buy the Brinly Lawn Sweeper with Dethatcher through Amazon. And be sure to check out the video here: 
  • 42” Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper: This attachment gives you a break from raking leaves in the fall. This pull-behind lawn sweeper is versatile to pick up thatch (after you’re done dethatching), grass clippings, pine needles as well as all of those leaves on your property. As one reviewer on The Home Depot wrote, “Could not believe it would work so well, must have for your yard!” You can find the 42” Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper at:
In conclusion– you can make easy leaf removal a reality for your yard, it’s just about getting the right tool that was made to make DIY lawn care easier and faster. You can learn more about the different features in our Lawn Sweepers here. Source: Kirchhoff, Herb, “How Does a Lawn Sweeper Work?”