Customer Testimonial

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how very helpful two of the staff at Brinly were yesterday in helping me locate a part I need for my now obsolete disk harrow. Last year I had broken a part on my DD-1000 disk. I contacted your Customer Service via email and received a prompt response from Jennifer Cox ( now Jennifer Agee). Jennifer went above and beyond in helping me identify and locate the correct parts I needed at that time. She was most professional, answered numerous questions for me and engaged others in your company to locate and identify what I needed.

When time came to order, I worked with Jim Davis to place the order. Jim was also extremely helpful and professional. My much needed parts arrived as described and in excellent condition, as well as very quickly. That was one year ago. Unfortunately for me, I had broke one of the disk hangars on the disk this past weekend. Yesterday, I contacted Jennifer Agee via email asking if the part was available. Jennifer responded very quickly, but unfortunately, the system that she uses stated the part was now obsolete and there were none in inventory. As the part was cast steel, I asked if it was possible that Brinly still had the mold and could make one.

Jennifer did not brush me off or say “No” just to take the easy route. She instead escalated my request to Shawn Thomas (unbeknownst to me). In short order I received an email from Shawn asking if I minded that the part was in a different color. It turns out that Shawn located the same part I needed but was made for a different disk, and that other the color was the same part! It is extraordinary today to find the kind of assistance I received yesterday from dedicated, customer focused people such as Jennifer and Shawn.

My issue may have been insignificant to many, yet Jennifer and Shawn did everything they could to locate and find the part I needed, truly going above and beyond to assist me and make this customer extremely happy. Thank you and your team for this exceptional customer service experience! I truly, truly appreciate it. This morning I placed the order (#561045) for (2) D-180-51.

Sincerely. Mark