About Brinly-Hardy Co.

What We do
Brinly-Hardy designs, builds and distributes quality lawn and garden tractor and ATV / UTV attachments and equipment to help you attain a healthy, green and vibrant lawn or garden – and sustain it. From lawn aeratorsdethatcherssweepersrollerssprayersspreaders, – to our utility carts, & gardening and ground engaging equipment including garden tractor plows, we bring to market one of the most comprehensive product lines in lawn and garden attachments. Our products are sold to residential homeowners and the light-duty commercial lawn specialist nationally through distributors, regional chain stores and large home improvement centers.

Who We Are
We’re proud to be a family-owned company providing you the highest quality lawn, garden and farm equipment. The vast majority of Our lawn equipment is built right here in Jeffersonville, IN and ALL of it is designed and tested here. We’ve been dedicated to maintaining this legacy for more than 180 years by continuously looking for better ways to do things. Maybe it’s cliché, but we believe Brinly people are a rare breed. They care about their company, the products they build and the service they provide. That’s why we’re also proud to say that over 20 percent of our people have been here for more than 20 years. We take pride in work well done.

With 240,000 square feet of production and storage space, we have the capacity to deliver rapid turnaround, provide ample storage, and accommodating both large volume orders as well as special order requests. You’re assured quality products from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities:

  • 10,000 sf. Research & Development Facility
  • In-plant Quality Lab
  • Outdoor Test Track & Plot Areas
  • 23 Freight Doors
  • 4 Robotic Mig Welders & 2 Spot Welders
  • State-of-the-art Paint System
  • Six Sigma Quality Standards

Our Beginnings
At Brinly-Hardy, we’re always looking for ways to improve lawn and garden tools by sharing ideas and listening to you. In fact, that’s how we started – with a good idea for a better plow. In the early 1800’s, a blacksmith known as “Little John” Brinly made plows when he wasn’t shoeing horses, mules and oxen. In 1837, Brinly’s son, Thomas E. C. Brinly, had the idea of building a one-piece steel plow using a saw blade. This saw design, with its smooth-scouring steel moldboard, answered the needs of Southern farmers working with heavier soils. Demand for the plows grew quickly, and Brinly moved the business to downtown Louisville, where he met local hardware store owner James E. Hardy and formed the Brinly-Hardy Company in 1900, with Mr. Hardy as Company President.

Where We’re Going
With a keen sense on continuous improvement and innovation, we’re dedicated to building lawn and garden products that take the inconvenience out of your yard work. So whatever your project, we have you covered with lawn tools that provide quicker, easier lawn renovation.