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What is a Lawn Roller? (And When to Use One on Your Yard)


What is a Lawn Roller? At Brinly-Hardy, we sell Lawn Rollers in different sizes and capacities to accommodate your lawn care needs. Our Lawn Rollers ensure that grass seed gets packed down deep within the soil; you can flatten molehills so the ground is level, as well as smooth sod and loose topsoil. Our Lawn […]

Spring is Near; Here’s Your Brinly Lawn Equipment Maintenance Checklist


Even though it’s mid-winter and snow may even blanket your lawn, you can use this down time to clean-up your Brinly-Hardy lawn equipment for spring. If you were busy in the fall trying to get outdoor chores done before winter, you might have run out of time to do end-of-season maintenance on your equipment. If […]