What is a Lawn Roller? (And When to Use One on Your Yard)


What is a Lawn Roller?

PRC 24BH feature 1 - 28 Gallon Push or Tow Poly Lawn Roller <span>|</span> PRC-24BH”>Spring is in the air, and it’s time to start working on your lawn. You may be laying down sod, planting grass seed, or smoothing down molehills. No matter which job, Lawn Rollers help you to get the lawn care chores done quickly and easily.

Lawn rollers are cylindrical “mini steam rollers” with added weight (usually water or sand) that help flatten the ground. You can choose a push lawn roller, which requires manual work to roll it across the yard. Alternatively, you can select a lawn roller attachment, which hooks to the back of your tractor and rolls behind you as you drive. While pull-behind rollers are typically more expensive, they do tend to get the job done faster and easier than a labor-intensive push roller. Rollers are typically constructed of either steel or poly, and come in a variety of weight capacities and sizes.
<h2>When to Use a Lawn Roller?</h2>
 	<li><strong>For Sod:</strong> Before you sod, you can use a roller to ensure the ground is nice and flat. After removing existing vegetation, tilling, and adding fertilizer, you can roll over the ground to flatten it. You should keep this up until the ground is packed enough so that your feet don’t sink when you walk over it. After laying down the sod and watering it, use a roller to remove air pockets and press the sod down to ensure the roots make contact with the soil. This will help the sod establish itself and lead to better growth.
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  • For Seed: After you have tilled the ground and spread seed, you can use your lawn roller to roll the soil and make sure the seeds make contact. Rolling after seeding helps press the seed into the soil so that it doesn’t blow or wash away, and it also expedites the seed’s germination process.
  • Repairing damage: If your lawn has been hit with frost heaves or mole hills, you can use a lawn roller to repair the damage. You can use a heavy lawn roller to compress hills and tunnels. This method will help prevent the air pockets created from the damage from drying out the grass roots.

Brinly-Hardy Lawn Rollers

42 Gallon Tow-behind Poly Lawn Roller <span>|</span> PRT-36SBH”></strong></h2>
At <a href=Brinly-Hardy, we sell Lawn Rollers in different sizes and capacities to accommodate your lawn care needs. Our Lawn Rollers ensure that grass seed gets packed down deep within the soil; you can flatten molehills so the ground is level, as well as smooth sod and loose topsoil. Our Lawn Rollers are easy to assemble and use. We have four different sizes to fit your property’s size and meet your needs:
  • 28-gallon Lawn Roller is ideal for a small to mid-size lawn. You can tow it or push it. You can get those hard to reach areas by pushing the Lawn Roller along the edges of your yard, around trees and other landscaped areas. This lawn roller holds up to 28 gallons of water or sand.
  • 42-gallon Lawn Roller: This roller tows behind your garden tractor to tamp down loose topsoil or sod. It’s ideal for mid- to large size lawns.
  • 54-gallon Lawn Roller: This Lawn Roller makes yard work an easy chore. It works well in large residential lawns. The 18” diameter and 48” length of the roller make it easy to maneuver around the boundaries separating your landscape from your lawn. All of our Brinly-Hardy Lawn Rollers are easy to store.
  • 76-gallon Lawn Roller: Our largest roller will handle the toughest lawn jobs such as packing down heavy clay soil and smooth ridges and bumps caused by frost heaving or moles.
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Our Lawn Rollers Have These Five Features

Our Lawn Rollers make your heavy-duty lawn jobs easy and quick. You want one of our rollers before spring arrives so you can get that grass seed or sod packed down to meet the soil. Our rollers come with the following five features:
  1. All four sizes hook up to your garden tractor as tow-behind attachments. However, our 28-capacity roller is light enough for you to push to get in those hard to reach corners and curves.
  1. Our rollers are lightweight making them easy to store. When empty, you can easily hang our rollers in your shed or garage to take up minimal space.
  1. Brinly rollers have round edges so you won’t tear up your lawn every time you make a turn in it. 
  1. Each roller is easy to empty and fill with our extra-large filler cap.
  1. Our rollers have a scraper bar along the rollers to remove dirt, grass and other debris while you work.
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Other Brinly Lawn Care Attachments Make Working in Your Backyard a Cinch

At Brinly-Hardy, we design and engineer garden and lawn attachments to ease the load of heavy-duty lawn care. In addition to our Lawn Rollers, you can check out these seven other lawn care attachments to help you achieve a beautiful yard this spring:
  1. Spike and Plug Aerators
  1. Tow-behind Carts
  1. Tow Dethatchers
  1. Lawn Sprayers
  1. Lawn Sweepers
  1. Tow Spreaders
  1. Push Spreaders.
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