Spring is Near; Here’s Your Brinly Lawn Equipment Maintenance Checklist


Even though it’s mid-winter and snow may even blanket your lawn, you can use this down time to clean-up your Brinly-Hardy lawn equipment for spring.

If you were busy in the fall trying to get outdoor chores done before winter, you might have run out of time to do end-of-season maintenance on your equipment.

If that’s the case for you, then our Lawn Equipment Maintenance checklist will help get your Brinly-Hardy equipment ready to go for all that spring yard work coming up.

6 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Tools Working Season after Season

Every piece of equipment you use on your property needs to be emptied and cleaned before you put back it in storage.

The below maintenance tips don’t replace the manual for any of Brinly-Hardy’s lawn equipment. Instead, this list is an overview, and you can find detailed instructions in your tools’ manuals to ensure your tractor attachment stays in good shape year after year.

Here are six maintenance tips to follow when prepping your Brinly lawn equipment for spring:

 1. Removing debris: Debris, such as stones, soil, and leaves get stuck on the tines and brushes inside lawn equipment, and need to be removed for best use. Here are the tools that will need this attention:


2.Cleaning: Next, you’ll want to clean your equipment. For Brinly-Hardy tow spreaders and push spreaders, empty the hopper of fertilizer or weed control first. Then spray down the hopper with water. When you’re cleaning your equipment, also inspect to make sure all moving parts are working correctly.


3. Lubricate: Consult your manual for specifics regarding lubrication. For some equipment, like Brinly’s lawn sweeper, you’ll need to oil the dowel pin and drive pinion at least two times a year, preferably more often. Before using your lawn aerator, make sure you apply lubricating oil on each tine bearing and axle. And you should apply multipurpose grease to our lawn sprayers’ wheel bearings after each use.


4. Replace missing or broken parts: In the unlikely event of a part breaking, there’s a parts store for that! You can visit the Brinly parts store to search by product type or model number. Find the part you need, and you’ll be back in working order in no time.


5. Storage: As you know, the best way to keep your lawn and garden equipment working to its full capacity and for its entire life span requires you to store it in a safe, dry place. You don’t want your Brinly products exposed to the weather nor do you want to leave them in a place where children can play on them. Use the safety guidelines for storing your equipment to avoid injury from occurring.


6. Prepare your garden tractor and lawn mower for spring use: Many Brinly-Hardy products need a garden tractor or a riding mower in order to work. So, it only makes sense that you prep your garden tractor for spring clean-up and lawn care:

  • Clean off all debris from the mower—including the mower blades. If you didn’t clean up your mower the last time you used it, you may need multiple tools to get it clean. For example, stuck-on dirt with thatch or even fresh grass will need a hose and an air compressor to get rid of the gunk.


  • Your lawn mower or garden tractor needs fresh gas. If you left gas in the tank over the winter, you need to drain it out of the machine and then dispose the gas as a hazardous waste. Go to your state’s Environmental Protection Agency to learn how and where to dispose of used gas and motor oil.


  • Change the oil and the filter. If you changed your filter in the fall or if it’s relatively clean, then you don’t have to change the oil filter until you change the oil later in the spring. Make sure you check the oil levels, or if you didn’t change the oil in your tractor last fall, now is the time to get it done.



  • Check your mower’s tires. You know the drill. If your mower’s tires are low on air, you need to fill them. Make sure your tires are clean from mud, dirt, stones and grass too.


  • Sharpen your blades and balance them. You want sharp blades each time your mow your lawn. Otherwise, your turfgrass may rip or tear due to dull blades. Ripping and tearing open up the lawn grass plant to disease and insect infestation.


  • Make an appointment with your tractor’s dealer. Even though you can do the lion’s share of maintenance, you should still make an appointment for your dealer to go over your machine to make sure it’s working to its capacity..


And remember, consult your manual for specific instructions and tips for maintaining your Brinly equipment. 

Where to Find Brinly-Hardy Lawn Equipment

If you have a lot of land on your property and you enjoy working on it, Brinly-Hardy lawn equipment helps you do the job that a professional lawn service would do for a much higher price.

You can find Brinly-Hardy lawn equipment at these online retailers:

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