Remove Leaves with No Rake Using a Brinly Lawn Sweeper

If your lawn is wooded or contains a few trees, you probably have a firm plan of action on how to pick up leaves. Maybe you like to rake leaves into multiple piles and then bag them one mound at a time. Or maybe you use a leaf blower to corral leaves into one giant heap and then drag them off on a tarp. Unfortunately, neither of these tactics are easy or the most productive way to tackle fall cleanup.

If you manually rake your lawn every fall, you know how exhausting and time-consuming the process can be; especially since most lawns need raking several times throughout the autumn season.

Leaf blowers are noisy and emit considerable fumes and carbon emissions. In fact, some cities and states have outlawed or restricted the use of leaf blowers due to the high level of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons they generate. If you have children or family members with allergies or asthma, using a leaf blower can aggravate those conditions by stirring up dust and particulates around your home.

Conversely, lawn sweepers are amazingly efficient tools for picking up leaves and other debris with no rake. Perhaps the biggest advantage to using a tow-behind lawn sweeper is that leaf pickup can be done right from the comfort of your tractor seat. If you have considerable leaf coverage in your lawn, but aches and pains keep you from raking and stooping, this detail alone can be a true life-changer.

It is true if you have a larger lawn with considerable leaf coverage, you’ll be emptying the hamper frequently. Just be sure to choose a sweeper in which the hamper can be emptied without having to get off the tractor. You’ll also want to ensure the lawn sweeper features a tough, durable hamper and brushes that can be removed and replaced individually.

If you have a large wooded lot, substantial landscaping or need to pick up wet material, a lawn vacuum system might be the more efficient choice for you. Lawn vacuums, or material collection systems, generally have larger capacity hampers and feature an independent vacuum engine. Additionally, many lawn vacs feature an optional hose kit that allows you to vacuum debris in hard-to-reach areas such as around shrubbery and flower beds.

When considering one of these units, look for a large diameter hose, which will reduce clogging, and easy emptying features. Remember, with large capacity hampers come heavier loads. You’ll want to ensure emptying will not only be fast, but also easy on the back and hassle-free.

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