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See FAQs for Specific Models here: ST-152BH, ST-251BH

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Lawn Sprayers

  • Can I use my sprayer for hydroseeding?

    Because the consistency of hydroseeding and the particulates in the mixture, we do not recommend hydroseeding with the Brinly Sprayer. Particulates will clog the nozzles and since there is no mixer or agitator in the unit the dispersion would not be consistent either.

  • What is the length of the wand cord on the sprayer?

    The 3/8″ cable that attaches to the split valve and your spraying wand is 12 feet long.

  • What type of pump is on this sprayer?

    The standard pump on the Brinly sprayers is a 1GPM 75 PSI pump. Made by the American company. The pump operates at a fixed flow rate, so when using the boom the amount sprayed is directly linked to the speed at which you are going. When using the wand the pump pressurizes while in use and when not in use switches off once 75 PSI has been reached.

  • My pump runs but is not pumping out water. What can I do?

    There are a few steps that can be taken to test your pump/motor. To test that your pump/motor is not the issue you may jump the harness. When doing so, you may check to see if it has suction. Do not leave anything on the suction end of the pump as this can cause the pump to burn out. Additionally, check the strainer for blockage.

  • Can I run just one nozzle or two?

    On both the Brinly Model Sprayers there is a dual valve nozel which allows you to either spray using the boom, wand, or both. Individual use of the boom sprayers such as left or right is not possible at this time.

  • Can I leave unused product in the tank and store it until needed again within the same season?

    It is recommended to rinse and dry after each use. This will help keep chemicals from drying and thickening in the lines and pump. View the attached link for care instructions in the manual.

  • How do I wrap the hose on my Brinly Lawn Sprayer?

    Check out this helpful video on wrapping the hose on your Brinly Lawn Sprayer. 

  • Can I run the boom and the wand at the same time?

    It is not recommended to use the wand sprayer while spraying with the boom.

  • Can I control which nozzles I use on that boom? Is it possible to use one of the two nozzles?

    No, the nozzles cannot be individually controlled.