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Lawn Sweeper

  • Can my sweeper be used to pick up plugs after aeration?

    Yes! Your Brinly Lawn Sweeper should be perfect for this job; however, portions of the cores may break and fall below the grass line or disintegrate. A spotless lawn without un-swept cores depends upon the soil condition of those cores and the speed & setting of your Brinly sweeper.

  • Can I use my lawn sweeper in reverse?

    This unit cannot be used in reverse. Furthermore, extra care should be taken when backing up. The hamper will obscure obstacles, and hitch system is at risk of jackknifing when moving reverse.

  • I've only had my sweeper for a short time and the brushes are wearing down quickly. What should I do?

    If your brushes are wearing down quickly and coming off, then it is likely that the brushes are set too low or that the grass is too high. For best use, we recommend setting the brushes 1-2” off of the ground. If your grass is 3 inches or taller this may impact the efficiency of the sweeper brushes. However, this depends on what you are attempting to sweep. Please refer to the setting sticker on your unit to accurately place your brush arms.

  • Debris is flying over the top of my sweeper, do you make a full screen or canopy?

    Unfortunately, Brinly does not make a full wind screen. If material is flying over the top of your hamper/bag you should slow down. Since the gears have a 5:1 ratio, you should not be driving in speeds excess of 5 miles per hour where debris flies up and over the top.

  • How do I replace the pinion gear on my Brinly Lawn Sweeper?