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See FAQs for Specific Models here: PSA-18BH-A, AS2-40BH-G, AS2-40BH-P, SAT-401BH, PA-403BH, SA-401BH, PA-42BH, PA-482BH

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Spike and Plug Aerators

  • What's the difference between spike and plug aerators?

    A spike aerator’s tines makes slits in the ground with star-like spikes and a plug aerator removes plugs from the ground allowing water and nutrients to get to the roots to promote growth. Check out this video for more helpful information:

  • How can I avoid bending the spikes on my aerator?

    The presence of rocks in the soil and the natural use of the aerator over time will dull your spikes; however, bent spikes result from overloading the weight of the unit and operation on soil that is too hard and dry. This said, we have recently upgraded our spike aerators to include stronger tow bars and stronger spikes.

  • How do I sharpen the spoons on my plug aerator?

    Brinly Hardy coring spoons come pre-sharpened out of the box. However, over time sharpening your spoons will become imperative. Brinly recommends maintaining the unit according to the guidelines in your manual.

  • Do Brinly aerators work in reverse?

    Yes/No this product is not made to run in reverse and if backing up it is crucial that the operator is aware of the hitch point and the spikes. If transport mode is available we recommend it.

  • Can I add weight to my Brinly aerator?

    Yes, you may add weight to the weight tray.

  • Can I raise spikes when crossing concrete?

    Yes, Brinly spike aerators come fully adjustable, making it easy to raise and lower the tines when crossing concrete or asphalt walks, drives, or roads.

  • Can I interchange the spike for a plug on my aerator?

    Unfortunately the spikes and spoons used on our aerators are not interchangeable. If you would like help with which aerator would work best for your application please see a helpful comparison video at here.

  • Weight tray tips

    All Brinly Models (except the AS2-40BH-G, and AS2-40BH-S) come with a weight tray for adding extra weight. None of the Brinly units come with straps to hold your weight. However, proper securing of weight is required for safe operation. Since the weight used by customers varies in shape and size we defer to the customer’s best judgement on affixing tie downs to the unit. Please make sure that any added weight is firmly secured and does not exceed the weight guidelines put forth in the manual. To aid in the securing of weight brinly has added extra tie down holes for this purpose. Brinly recommends only using weight that is secured and not able to shift during operation. As uneven weight can cause the unit to shift or event capsize. Uneven weight may also bend or damage the spikes or spoons.

  • Does this product come with a hitch pin?

    The SAT-401BH comes with a single, heavy-duty universal Hitch Pin that is easy to attach to any rider or tractor and most any ZTR or ATV.

  • Does this product fit all riding tractors?

    The SAT-401BH is compatible with mowers, tractors, and ZTR’s that have a rear Hitch Plate. Please check that your equipment has a rear hitch plate. The SAT-401BH includes a Universal Hitch Pin that will secure the Spike Aerator to the Hitch Plate.

  • What size is the best length bungee to hold down 2 full size cinder blocks?

    We do not call out a size because of the variation in the size of the cinder blocks. In the manual, we say, “Weight should be secured by rope, straps, or other suitable means to contain the weight in the tray.” The weight tray is 42” long.

  • How much weight is recommended for this aerator?

    The SAT-401BH ridged weight tray holds up to 150 lbs. of extra weight for maximum soil penetration and depth. Depending on the soil conditions, it can penetrate up to 2”. I have attached a short video on how to check the condition of your soil for the best results.

  • How do I replace the bearings, chains, and agitator on my Brinly Aerator/Spreader?
  • Does my Aerator fit all riding tractors?

    Your aerator is compatible with mowers, tractors, and ZTR’s that have a rear Hitch Plate. Please check that your equipment has a rear hitch plate. Brinly Aerators include a Universal Hitch Pin that will secure the Aerator to the Hitch Plate.

  • What is the best length bungee to hold down 2 full size cinder blocks on my Aerator?

    A bungee cord at least 2 feet long is recommended for an implement with a 40 inch working width.