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See FAQs for Specific Models here: PCT-101BH, RPC-10BH-A, PCT-17BH, FDK-10BH

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Tow Carts

  • How should I store my poly cart when not in use?

    When not in use, you should lean it up against a wall indoors or outdoors. If outdoors, we recommend that you cover the unit from rain using a tarp. See your manual for instructions on preventing rust.

  • Is there a full dump conversion kit for my cart?
  • What is the recommended PSI for the tires on my poly cart?

    Both the 10P and 17P tires are recommended to be pressurized at 14-19 PSI depending on the tire.

  • How much weight can I put in my poly cart?

    You can put up to 650 lbs. in the PCT-100BH and 850 lbs. in the PCT-17BH.

  • Where is the poly cart manufactured?

    Both the 17 cu. ft. and 10 cu. ft. poly carts are proudly manufactured in Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA.

  • What if I am having trouble getting the bed to lock on the foot pedal?

    If you are having trouble assembling your unit or believe that some parts may be faulty please contact us. Our Brinly Customer Service representative will be ready and willing to assist you. We sometimes find that the lock bar is installed too far forward or too far back on the bed. This results in difficult locking or the bed coming unlatched. In addition, the spring on the underside of the foot pedal is crucial to the operation of the unit. Please ensure that it is correctly installed. If you have further questions please give us a call at 877-728-8224.

  • Can I order replacement wheels for my cart?

    Yes! For information regarding parts needs or warranty questions, please call our customer service team at 877-728-8224 or email us at Additionally, view our parts store at

  • How much weight can this product haul?

    The Roger 180-Degree Full Dump Kit will allow you to load to full capacity. The cart will hold 650 lbs. with the kit attached, and this will allow for complete dumping of the load out of the cart.

  • Are Brinly's compression molded beds stronger than vacuum formed beds?

    Check out this helpful video on Brinly Cart beds and how the compression molded beds are stronger than wear vacuum formed beds that can’t take the heat.