Brinly-Hardy Company Celebrates 185 Year Anniversary

original Brinly plow

Jeffersonville, In. –  Since 1839, Brinly-Hardy Company has been a leader in innovative lawn and garden products, and in 2024, they are celebrating their 185th year! The history of Brinly-Hardy is an interesting one, tracing all the way back to “Little John Brinly,” a blacksmith from Simpsonville, Kentucky. He first crafted the “Brinly” plow with […]

Enhance Your Space: DIY Gardening Projects with Raised Beds & Vertical Gardens

brinly gardening projects

Do you love creating fun DIY gardening projects? How about unique vertical gardens and raised beds? For homeowners with small spaces, vertical gardens allow you to create living walls with garden vegetables and fruits, such as strawberries, potatoes, and herbs. And raised beds mean you don’t have to bend over so far to pull weeds […]

Elevate Your DIY Game with Brinly’s Ground Engaging Attachments

ground engaging

Are you stuck in a DIY rut? Here’s how Brinly’s ground engaging attachments can transform your garden and other projects. Brinly’s ground engaging attachments connect to your ATV/UTV, garden tractor, or ZTR mower to break ground for gardens, move snow, and level stones on your driveway. Why are Brinly’s ground engaging attachments essential for DIYers? […]

Preventing Lawn Pests and Fungi


Knowing the effects of pests and fungi on your lawn is vital. Grubs munch on grassroots, weakening your lawn, while fungi like dollar spot create discolored patches. To protect your lawn from damage, maintain proper mowing, aeration, and watering. Applying integrated pest management (IPM) also keeps nasty bugs from destroying your lawn. When it comes […]

Brinly Electric Mower Attachments

front blade

Redefine your lawn care game with electric mower attachments from Brinly. Brinly introduced its first electric mower attachments with the 38” Front Mount Dethatcher and the 42” Front Mount Blade in 2019. From pulling up thatch in your lawn to pushing snow with the Front Mount Blade, Brinly has you covered with two electric mower […]

Tips for Sustainable Gardening


In today’s environmentally conscious era, sustainable gardening is a practical way for homeowners like you to minimize environmental impact while nurturing the natural world. Using less water, reducing chemicals, and encouraging biodiversity, sustainable gardening helps you create resilient and thriving landscapes that harmonize with nature. Learn more about sustainable gardening for your eco-friendly landscape. This […]