13 Handy Tips for a Beautiful Lawn and Garden in 2021

If you’ve joined the gardening trend, you’re in good company. Gardening is growing in popularity that will continue into 2021. Why is it cool to garden in 2021? People garden for many reasons, including: Folks are worried about food scarcity. Folks want to brighten up their landscapes with easy-to-grow flowers. People working from home and […]

How to Overseed a Warm Season Lawn in the Fall


If you live in the South, you know that your warm-season grass will soon go dormant, which means you’ll have a brown lawn. Like many homeowners, you want a green lawn to last throughout the winter. Warm season lawns generally have one of these four grass types: Bermudagrass Centipedegrass St. Augustinegrass Zoysiagrass. You can overseed […]

Time to Core Aerate and Overseed Your Cool Season Grass


Fall has arrived and it’s the perfect time to rehabilitate a tired lawn. One of the best maintenance practices includes core aeration and overseeding your cool season grasses. Why? Because core aeration allows oxygen, water, and light to penetrate the soil and the soil also releases carbon dioxide. If you’re looking for a way to […]