Brinly Electric Mower Attachments

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Redefine your lawn care game with electric mower attachments from Brinly. Brinly introduced its first electric mower attachments with the 38” Front Mount Dethatcher and the 42” Front Mount Blade in 2019.

From pulling up thatch in your lawn to pushing snow with the Front Mount Blade, Brinly has you covered with two electric mower attachments built for Ryobi lawn tractors.

Electric Mowers Growing in Popularity

Since HOAs are putting ordinances in place for quieter lawn equipment, including lawn mowers, the gas-powered mower may become a relic of the past.

However, gas-powered mowers outperform and are less expensive than electric ones.

But, electric mowers are gaining strides with batteries lasting longer per mow, and the electric mower makes less noise than its gas-powered rival while in operation. finds that electric mowers are almost as good as gas-powered mowers because electric walk-behind and riding mowers have made great performance strides in the past few years. For example, there are electric zero-turn electric mowers with batteries that last long enough to cut nearly two acres of turfgrass.

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Electric mowers have better features that don’t pollute, which will eclipse gas-powered mowers as manufacturers improve battery life and power. Here are the benefits of electric mowers:

  • Reduced emissions and noise
  • Cost-effectiveness, such as lower operation and maintenance costs
  • Electric mowers are easy to use with push-button starters and lightweight design.

What Are Ryobi Electric Mowers?

Ryobi Electric Mower is a popular brand of electric mower that you can buy from Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowes. And Brinly has invented electric mower attachments that hitch to Ryobi riding mowers.

Brinly designed their electric mower attachments to fit with Ryobi electric riding mowers, models RY48110 and RY48111.

Ryobi electric riding mower, 38” 75 AH (amp-hours), model number #RY48110, and the Ryobi electric riding mower, 38” 100 AH, model number #RY48111, have these features:

  • They’re low maintenance with no belts, spark plugs, or filters.
  • They’re battery-operated, so you charge and go. You don’t have to deal with any gas or fumes.
  • The #RY48110 gives you up to 2 hours of runtime, and you get up to 2.5 hours with #RY48111.

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  • They have three high-powered brushless motors giving the Ryobi electric riding mower gas-like power.
  • You won’t annoy your neighbors because Ryobi electric mowers are quiet, and you can put them on cruise control while you mow.
  • Both Ryobi electric mowers have mulching, side discharge, and bagging cutting options.

Exploring Brinly Electric Mower Attachments

Brinly’s Electric Mower Attachments are compatible with Ryobi Electric Mowers, RY48110 and RY48111.

The 38” Front Mount Dethatcher for Ryobi Electric Riding Mower (DT-38RY) has a front-mount design that allows for dethatching and pick-up in one pass. It’s quick and easy to install with a mounting kit that comes with the dethatcher.

The front mount dethatcher has these features to make your lawn look its best and healthiest:

  • It’s built for Ryobi mowers
  • The floating pivot with front-wheel design makes for easy maneuvering
  • A single pin included to engage transport mode when not dethatching
  • The heavy-duty construction with 38” working width and durable powder-coat finish gives this dethatcher unmatched durability
  • It has max pick-up with two rows of 10 double-spring tines (20 tines total) that comb through and picks up all of the thatch
  • You don’t need to get out your toolbox; the dethatcher has easy adjustments with no tools required to remove the attachment from the mower.

The 42” Front Mount Blade for Ryobi 38: Electric Riding Mower (FB-42RY) makes pushing snow easy and efficient. The heavy-duty steel construction with three adjustable angles means you can move the snow away from your driveway or any other area on your property.

You can also use the Front Mount Blade to move stones on your driveway.

You can easily and quickly set up your front mount blade with the mounting kit that we include with your Brinly attachment.

Check out these features for Brinly’s 42” Front Mount Blade for Ryobi 38” Electric Riding Mower:

  • It’s explicitly built for Ryobi Mowers
  • The 42” durable steel blade with an adjustable wear bar for a longer lifespan testifies to the unmatched durability
  • There are safety features, including a spring blade trip mechanism to protect the blade and mower from hidden obstacles
  • You can quickly raise and lower the blade from the driver’s seat
  • The 3-blade angle adjustments allow you to push snow from multiple angles.
  • With the mounting kit included, you only install it one time. You don’t need to use any tools to remove the attachment from the mower.

What Customers Are Saying About Brinly’s Electric Mower Attachments

Four people reviewed the 38” Front Mount Dethatcher and gave it 4.5 stars. Here is the breakdown of reviews:

Jack T from Grand Rapids, MI, says, “Works great. It is nice that you can dethatch vacuum and (mow) all at the same time. Not having to go over the second time saving time.”

And Bobo from Nebraska states, “It was delivered on time. Easy to assemble. Seems to be sturdy.”

“I bought this last fall and love the way it works,” says Igor from Wisconsin.

The 42” Front Mount Blade also got favorable ratings with 25 reviews. Here are some of the comments about the snow plow electric mower attachment:

HemD from Bristow, VA, says, “Exceptional snow plow. My purchase of this for my Ryobi riding mower has been exceptional. In 45 yrs, this is the best install I made despite its zillion parts included. The instructions for assembly is by far the best I have come across in my life. It’s precise in detail. Bravo!!!”

“I bought this blade about a month ago! Installation was pretty simple! I bought this mainly for snow removal, so I can’t await til it snows, to give it a try!!! I only wish the handle was a little more user-friendly!!!!” RyobiQueen from Lexington, Nebraska, states.

Jafman of Liberty, MO, says, “Snow removal made easy. I bought this unit from Home Depot and couldn’t be more pleased with. Works better than I thought it would. Easy install and high-quality manufacturing. I would absolutely recommend to anyone with a (Ryobi) Electric Lawn Mower.

“Bought the Brinly plow early last winter. (As) a retiree, I was able to use the plow throughout each storm so that it did not get too deep, especially if the snow was heavy and wet. It worked brilliantly, so good in fact that I did my driveway in less than 15 minutes, and then I did two other neighbors as well! The only improvement I would like to see would be to allow for adjusting the blade angle without dismounting the tractor. (Otherwise), this is an excellent device!” Bob L. from Cape Cod, MA, says.

How to Buy Your Brinly Electric Mower Attachments

Experience the convenience of shopping for your next Brinly electric mower attachments online.

Have inquiries about your Brinly lawn and garden product? Get in touch with our dedicated customer service team today. Dial 877-728-8224 or fill out our contact form, and we’ll gladly assist you.

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