Broadcast Spreader Assembly Video

Tow Spreader Action

Brinly BS-26/36 Broadcast Spreader Assembly Video

This marks the first of our assembly videos, designed to help walk new Brinly product owners through the process of getting your new attachments set up and ready for use. In response to customer demand, we’re beginning with the tow-behind broadcast spreader assembly video. When we receive calls about the broadcast spreader, they generally pertain to the assembly of the flow control housing. And usually, the link rod that connects the flow control handle to the gate has been installed backwards, which — at least at first — fits together just as easily as the proper direction. However, when the flow control housing is assembled and the user attempts to connect the link rod to the gate, it falls out because the hook is upside down. Note the direction of the bend in the link rod (approx. 3:41 in the video) to prevent this from happening. If you have any questions, suggestions, or difficulty assembling your broadcast spreader (or any of our products), don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department at (877) 728-8224 or via e-mail at Author: Brad Turner