Plan on Giving House Plants for Christmas? Here are 10 Pet-Friendly House Plants to Give to Friends and Family

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The holiday season is upon us. And if you have plant lovers on your gift list who also have dogs and cats, use this list to buy pet-friendly house plants.

Let’s Start with Christmas Plants

Every year there are numerous online articles about the dangers of various Christmas plants. And most holiday plants can be highly toxic to cats and dogs, but one plant has gotten short-shifted.

The poinsettia.

For the most part, poinsettias produce mild reactions in cats and dogs that chew on the leaves or stems.

Poinsettia’s milky sap contains diterpenoid euphorbol esters and saponin-type detergents, which cause the affected cat or dog to drool and vomit. Also, your dog or cat may have a mild case of diarrhea.

However, you can feel confident that any poinsettias you give to pet parents won’t kill their beloved pet.

However, other Christmas plants are highly poisonous to cats and dogs. Here’s the list of the most dangerous holiday plants for pets:

  • Holly and mistletoe: Both plants, including their berries, are highly toxic to animals. If a pet ingests any part of these plants, they’ll drool excessively, have severe abdominal pain with vomiting and diarrhea.

In truth, it’s much better to avoid giving these plants to pet parents because of the plants’ high toxicity.

  • Lilies and daffodils: Paperwhites (part of the daffodil family) and Christmas lilies are toxic to pets. Keep lilies away from pets because the entire plant is poisonous.

And daffodils are dangerous to both cats and dogs. Specifically, a cat that eats any part of the daffodil flower could experience kidney failure and death.

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  • Amaryllis (belladonna) is also toxic to cats and dogs. If the cat or dog chews on the stem or the flower, it may experience stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. The dog or cat will also lose its appetite.

All parts of the amaryllis are poisonous, but the bulb is even more so. This isn’t a great gift for a pet parent, even if they love amaryllis blooming in their living room window.

  • A Real Christmas tree can be toxic to animals too. While the tree may not be poisonous, its needles can cause all kinds of problems in cats’ and dogs’ bellies.

Also, if your cat or dog likes to drink the tree water, they may get sick because the water may contain fertilizers as well as mold and fungus. You can cover the water, so your pets don’t get into it.

  • Christmas cactus – Fortunately, Christmas cacti aren’t poisonous to cats or dogs, but chewing on the plant parts that contain fibers can cause your friend’s kitty or pup to get a stomachache with diarrhea.

You can still buy Christmas plants to give for holiday gifts. Just make sure that the pet parent is aware of the dangers of each plant.

Top 10 Pet-Friendly House Plants to Give as Gifts

House plants have been around forever, but they’ve grown in popularity with Millennials and Gen Zers. The Covid pandemic has helped foster a love for house plants, and these young adults want pet-friendly house plants to live in harmony with their fur babies.

Here are 10 pet-friendly house plants to give as holiday gifts:

  • African violets: You might think about grandmothers from decades ago who would tend their African violets with saucers filled with water. African violets are making a comeback because they add color and interest. And they’re easy to manage. Plus, African violets aren’t toxic to dogs or cats.
  • Baby tears: These tiny green-leafed house plants fit well in small spaces. You can also put them in hanging baskets. Cats tend not to dig in baby tears because the leaves cover the plant pot’s base.
  • Spider plants: These easy-to-grow house plants produce babies that you can repot and give away to another pet parent.

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  • Boston fern: Another old-fashioned standby, the Boston fern is a pet-friendly house plant that can be a staple in any pet parent’s home or apartment.
  • Calathea: The prayer plant, a member of the calathea family, is non-toxic and super easy to grow. They do well in low-lighted areas and love humidity. The prayer plant’s leaves curl up at night, making them look like they’re in prayer.
  • Friendship plant: You would think this would be the ultimate gift to give to a friend. If you’re making terrariums for your favorite plant lovers, the friendship plant will fit right in. It’s a pet-friendly house plant that loves high humidity.
  • Peperomia: The lipstick plant is part of the peperomia species and looks dramatic in a hanging basket or a light-colored pot. It can handle going a few days without water, and it’s a pet-friendly house plant.
  • Orchid: This pet-friendly house plant brings joy to folks who need some cheering up in the winter. Orchids are low-maintenance and are long-time bloomers through January, February, and March.
  • Bromeliad: This lovely plant comes with sturdy leaves and cone-shaped flowers, which can be planted on a log as epiphytes if your cat loves to dig in your potted plants. Bromeliads are low-maintenance, pet-friendly house plants.
  • Ponytail palm: If you want a spunky tropical that’s a pet-friendly house plant, then the ponytail palm is for you! This is another low-maintenance plant that likes bright light and infrequent watering.

All of the house plants mentioned above are pet-safe. If you’re giving house plants as Christmas gifts, make sure that they include the care tag because each house plant has different watering and light needs.

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