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Keeping Your Thumb Green during the Winter with Houseplants

Best Low Maintenance Winter Houseplants

Keeping Your Thumb Green during the Winter with Houseplants Now that your backyard garden is put to bed, do you still need to nurture plants? Well, you’re in luck because you can now focus your green thumb on winter houseplants. Best Low Maintenance Winter Houseplants Since many winter houseplants come from the tropics or are […]

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy for Winter

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Do you feel the chill in the air? That’s a signal that autumn will soon turn into winter. While you may think that you’re finished with all of your lawn care except mowing and cleaning up, that’s not entirely true. It’s also the right time to put down that last application of winter fertilizer. Here […]

11 Ways to Stay Safe While Clearing Off Snow & Ice


Imagine falling after slipping on some ice while you were cleaning snow off your front walkway. You hear the crack, and before you know it, you fractured your ankle or wrist. These types of accidents can happen when folks go out after a winter storm to shovel their walkways and driveways. You can prevent getting […]

9 Secrets for Removing Snow and Ice from Your Driveway

Wintertime—it’s a great time to stay cozy indoors. Yet, you need to go to work or shuttle the kids around with sports and school activities but, many people do not know how to remove snow and ice from their driveway. The last storm left a couple of inches on your driveway. And there’s ice underneath […]

What is Snow Mold? (And How to Get Rid of It)

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When the snow melts and the lawn grass peeks through in the spring, you may notice dark, wet, circular spots in your yard. It’s snow mold. There are many different kinds of snow mold. Gray snow mold is the typical fungus affecting residential lawns, and primarily with cool season grasses. What Causes Snow Mold? Snow […]