What can my unit spread?

Depending on the Model of Brinly push spreader which you have, there are different capabilities. Primarily the Brinly 70lb Ice Melt Spreader versus the other push spreaders. The Brinly 50lb Push Spreader or Push Spreader with Deflector kit are capable spreaders that come with a grate and applicable spreader settings in the manual. This unit can spread almost anything (given moisture and granular do not clog the unit). This unit can also spread ice melt, however it may not do so well because of the gate size. For spreading Ice melt Salt, we recommend the Brinly 70lb Ice Melt Spreader. The difference between the Brinly 70lb Ice Melt Spreader and the other spreader in our line is the fact that this push spreader is made for spreading ice melt. As such, it is equipped with a different flow gate and agitator. The unit can also be used to spread seed, fertilizer, and lime if you wish.

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