13 Handy Tips for a Beautiful Lawn and Garden in 2021

If you’ve joined the gardening trend, you’re in good company. Gardening is growing in popularity that will continue into 2021.

Why is it cool to garden in 2021?

People garden for many reasons, including:

  • Folks are worried about food scarcity.
  • Folks want to brighten up their landscapes with easy-to-grow flowers.
  • People working from home and have time for cooking, which opens the door for vegetable and fruit gardening.
  • Kids are at home, and parents use gardening as a hands-on educational tool incorporating math, reading, science, and physical education.
  • All types of homeowners and renters keep gardens. People living in cities or apartments find ways to grow lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and other produce on their patios or balconies.

13 Garden Trends and Gardening Ideas for Beginners

Since many millennials are new to creating and maintaining gardens, many gardening ideas focus on them. And yet, there’s a trend to monochromatic gardening that required more intermediate gardens designs around one color scheme.

Here are 13 home gardening trends to explore in 2021:

  • You can expect curb pick-up service to continue. While life may get back to the old normal in the spring of 2021, you may find that your local garden center still has curb pick-up service available. It’s convenient and saves you time.
  • You’ll find new and exciting trending plants for 2021. Nurseries and garden centers introduce disease-resistant plants and big blooms before the spring season begins. Pinterest serves as a great landing spot for finding new plant releases in 2021.
  • You can start a Victory Garden where you dedicate a plot of land to vegetable gardening. Victory Gardens gained popularity during World War II when folks faced food rations.
  • You’ll still have some lawn on your property, but you want a variety of plants growing in the majority of your yard.

The trend of fewer grass lawns is on the rise. Homeowners still want some property for a pick-up volleyball game or football. But gardeners wish for a more diversified backyard that includes trees, native plants, and outdoor living features.

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  • You may want to create a safe garden or get-away in your backyard or in a private nook outside of your house. If you’re working from home, you can take a breather in your garden get-away.

Safe gardens provide privacy, plants, water features, and other relaxing elements, such as wind chimes.

  • You’ll probably invest in organic gardening supplies that allow you to use fewer chemicals so your family, pets, and pollinators thrive. Since many people spend time outside, they want their outdoor environment to be safe from harmful pesticides and herbicides.
  • If you’re learning to improve your gardening skills, you’ll find classes online and on social media. You’ll find that you have plenty of resources to learn the art and science of gardening through your local university extension Zoom classes, to your city’s gardening club live chat, to online courses.

You can find gardening groups on Facebook, as well. If you join a group, you can ask questions and find answers to your pressing garden problems.

  • Your garden, landscape, and lawn plans include improving your quality of life. You want a place to go that makes you feel well—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. How will gardening help you improve your well-being in 2021?

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  • Gardening for beginners includes easy-to-grow flower varieties. You’ll find more easy-to-grow flower and vegetable varieties since many new homeowners don’t have experience working in the soil. You’ll find success when you grow these plant varieties, giving you the confidence to go to the next level with gardening.
  • Home gardening will include learning and using the basics, such as soil, fertilizers, pest control, and plant diseases.

If you’re going to spend time gardening, you want success in your endeavors. If you’re a beginning gardener, you’ll want to learn how the plants grow from roots to fruits and what can kill your plants.

  • You may be looking for pre-planned landscape designs that you can use for your lawn and landscape. Again, Pinterest provides you with many simple, pre-planned garden designs.
  • You’ll focus on sustainable gardening. Sustainable gardening is here to stay, and it encompasses water conservation, organic gardening, organic lawn care, and stormwater drain protection.

If you’re concerned with climate change or polluted waterways, you’ll stick with sustainable gardening techniques, such as creating a rain garden or harvesting rainwater in barrels.

  • For people living in smaller homes or apartments, you’ll want to learn how to get creative with containers for your balcony or patio. For example, you can plant edibles with your ornamental plants in a container.

You can find all types of containers—large and small, squat and narrow, with various colors and textures. You can learn how to design a container garden when you search for “designing a container garden.”

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