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How to Make Compost for Your Backyard Garden & Lawn

How to make compost

If you love transforming trash, such as kitchen scraps and grass clippings, into a beneficial soil conditioner, then you need to start composting. Complete the circle of life right in your backyard with your own composter. You want to use green scraps, including fruit and vegetable peels, and brown scraps, such as wood chips, newspaper, […]

13 Handy Tips for a Beautiful Lawn and Garden in 2021

If you’ve joined the gardening trend, you’re in good company. Gardening is growing in popularity that will continue into 2021. Why is it cool to garden in 2021? People garden for many reasons, including: Folks are worried about food scarcity. Folks want to brighten up their landscapes with easy-to-grow flowers. People working from home and […]

18 Tips for Taking Care of Your Vegetable Garden Before You Go on Vacation

vegetable garden

Do you want to enjoy your vacation and not worry about how your vegetable garden is doing while you’re away? You can now take a deep breath and enjoy your time away because you can prepare your garden before you leave for your vacation. Alternatively, some folks wait until the fall or winter to travel […]

How Does Your Garden Grow? 7 Ways to Arrange a Flower Bed

flower bed

Flower beds make bright spots in any landscape—big or small, country or urban. Gardeners not only have traditional flower beds, but they also create beds to hide undesirable buildings and utility boxes. Others have created a backyard haven in the middle of their city by creating vertical flower beds and mini-gardens with seat walls to […]

How to Start a Small Vegetable Garden from Scratch

how to start a small vegetable garden from scratch

If you love fresh vegetables and you don’t mind digging in the dirt, then starting a vegetable garden might be your next outdoor project. Studies have shown over the years the benefits of gardening: You’re breathing in the fresh air, and you’re out in nature Working in the dirt releases fungi that act like anti-depressants […]

Mowing Your Lawn: 6 Hacks for Keeping Your Yard Looking Tidy and Well-Maintained

Tips on How to Mow Your Lawn… And Why It’s Worth Your Time Lawn mowing can be a boring, weekly chore. And when you’re busy working and raising a family, it’s just one more chore added to the honey-do list.Whether you’re new to homeownership or not, mowing your lawn can be a hassle—especially if you’re […]

10 Ways to Go From a Synthetic Lawn to an Organic One

If you’re curious about organic lawn care, you’re not alone. A lot of homeowners are turning to organic lawn care because it’s safer for their children and pets as well as they’re using less chemicals that can runoff into stormwater drains. Does Organic Lawn Care Work? In a nutshell, yes. However, it takes a few […]