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Modern Garden Design and Landscaping Ideas: Fresh Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Modern garden design and landscaping for creating outdoor spaces emphasize clean lines, natural materials, and sustainability. You want to create functional and visually appealing outdoor spaces that complement your home’s architecture and the surrounding environment. You also want an outdoor space that helps you connect with nature and have a place to unwind from our […]

Summer DIY Lawn Care

Do you want a professional-looking lawn? If you love working on your property, you can learn DIY lawn care secrets from the pros for a beautiful yard. It will require your time and sweat equity, though, because maintaining a healthy, green lawn takes time. Consider how the farmers tend their fields. They must plant at […]

Mother’s Day Plants: Transplanting into Your Garden

If you got annuals, perennials, bulbs, or plants this past Mother’s Day, it’s time to put them into your garden. Do you know how to transfer your Mother’s Day plants into your garden? If not, you can learn more in this blog post that will focus on Find the right spot in your garden Transplant […]

How to Add Edibles to Your Landscape


If you’re new to gardening, don’t feel limited to a single space in your backyard. Indeed, edible gardening, where you add fruits, vegetables, and other food-producing plants to your landscape, adds visual interest, pollinators, and a fun way to grow food to eat. What Is an Edible Landscape? Edible garden design can focus solely on […]

How to Keep a Healthy Lawn during the Hot Summer

healthy lawn

Summer is upon us. Soon, it’ll be July where the temperatures start to rise, and there’s less rain in the forecast. How do you keep a healthy lawn during the dog days of summer? Practicing smart lawn maintenance throughout the growing season will prepare and help your turf survive the hot, dry summer. How to […]

What Is Organic Gardening?

organic gardening

If you’re a new gardener or you’re tired of putting chemicals into the ground, it may be time for you to try organic gardening. Organic gardening isn’t complicated or complex. It’s pretty simple to do once you understand soil health, plants, watering, beneficial insects, and controlling weeds naturally. Organic Gardening at Home After finding a […]

Spring Flowers to Plant in the Fall


Summer flowers have faded, and the warm colors of fall are at their height. Now’s the perfect time to plant bulbs for spring color. In this blog, you’ll learn about What spring bulbs you can plant now for spring flowers How to plant bulbs if you’re a new gardener How Brinly-Hardy’s tow-behind cart helps you […]