Modern Garden Design and Landscaping Ideas: Fresh Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Modern garden design and landscaping for creating outdoor spaces emphasize clean lines, natural materials, and sustainability.

You want to create functional and visually appealing outdoor spaces that complement your home’s architecture and the surrounding environment. You also want an outdoor space that helps you connect with nature and have a place to unwind from our chaotic world.

A well-designed garden or landscape impacts your mental and physical well-being because these spaces are free from the daily grind.

4 Fresh Ideas for Modern Garden Design

Modern garden design includes minimalistic designs, natural materials, water features, and native plants. It also consists of sustainable gardening and maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

  1. Use geometric shapes and clean lines

Whether you have a small urban backyard or a large rural one, you can create a simplified landscape design to include clean lines and geometric symmetry.

Classical Greek gardens are coming back by incorporating stonewalls, archways, terra cotta containers, and statues. Plus, symmetry is a crucial design element in Greek landscaping.

Use Natural Materials

As summers get hotter and there’s less rainfall, you want to create a garden with fewer water needs and plants that can withstand drought conditions.

Where to Plant Things in Your Backyard

Greek landscaping and xeriscaping use more succulents, boxwood, and roses. They also incorporate pea-gravel for a permeable surface that’s also a natural material.

Instead of using fabrics or adding a cover for shade, incorporate climbing plants over arches and trees to provide a natural shelter.

Include Water Features

If you want your outdoor living spaces to be relaxing, add water features like a pond, fountain, pondless waterfall, and other water features.

Add outdoor lighting to your water features to watch the koi swimming around the pond.

Install Native Plants and Employ Sustainable Gardening Practices

As homeowners, we must realize that climate change is a reality. And you can slow climate change by installing native plants and using sustainable gardening practices.

Why native plants?

Native plants have adapted to your local climate. They’re tougher because natives can handle drought, extreme heat, and other weather conditions that non-natives may not be accustomed to.

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Other sustainable gardening practices include

  • Planting more diverse trees in your yard
  • Plant the right tree at the right place to ensure its survival
  • Aerate your lawn every other year if you have compact soil
  • Use natural fertilizers that reduce the amount of watering
  • Use mulch in your flowerbeds and other landscaped areas to retain moisture, reduce weeds, and regulate soil temperature
  • Install driplines, tree bubblers, and in-ground lawn sprinklers to save water and money.

4 Ideas for Modern Landscaping

Moving beyond sustainability, you can add other elements to make your outdoor living space beautiful, inviting, and natural.

Here are four ideas to consider for modern landscaping:

  1. Use natural stone and boulders

Boulders make a statement. You can use them in a waterscape or as a focal point in your front yard. Consider using stone for walkways, patios, and your outdoor kitchen design.

  • Incorporate outdoor lighting

Use your outdoor spaces well into the evenings with outdoor lighting. Incorporate landscape lighting to highlight your favorite tree or the front façade of your home.

  • Install vertical gardens and green walls

Vertical gardens and green walls are perfect for urban landscapes. It provides texture, color, and contrast. Vertical gardens are green walls with vegetables, herbs, and fruit growing instead of air plants and succulents.

Grow your vertical garden using a base designed for vertical gardening. Also, ensure a sturdy wall to hold your vertical garden.

  • Build seat walls and invest in outdoor furniture for sitting and enjoying a meal

Don’t forget that you need chairs, tables, bar stools, and other furniture to complete your outdoor living rooms.

Modern outdoor furniture is weather resistant and mimics the look of indoor furnishings. Plus, you can build seat walls and use colorful pillows for more sitting places.

How to Combine Modern Garden Design and Landscaping

Now it’s time to put it all together, combining modern garden design and landscaping.

But how do you do that?

Consider these three tips:

1. Create a cohesive design that combines both elements

You can easily find templates online if you feel confident in your design skills. Put this phrase into your favorite search engine, “landscape design templates online for DIY.”

However, you may want a consultation with a professional landscape designer who’ll measure your property and draw a master landscape design plan for a fee.

2. Incorporate functional elements, such as outdoor kitchens and fire pits

Take your indoor living spaces and expand them to include outdoor living spaces. Build an outdoor kitchen with a bar area so you can entertain while you’re preparing a meal.

Build a second patio, include a fire pit with a seat wall, and add colorful Adirondack chairs. Create walkways to connect these outdoor spaces into a cohesive space.

3. Incorporate sustainable practices, such as dry creek beds, rain gardens, and pollinator gardens, into your landscape

Fix any poor drainage areas using natural elements, such as a dry creek bed that moves water away from your home when there’s heavy rain. Use boulders, river rocks, trees, shrubs, and perennials to add color and interest.

Create a rain garden that collects water in a poor drainage area, allowing the water to percolate slowly into the ground.

Building materials include landscape fabric, river stones, and plants that don’t mind wet feet.

Don’t forget the pollinators. The Monarch butterfly is now endangered; help solve the problem by installing Monarch butterfly plantings, including swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) or common milkweed (A. syriaca).

How Brinly Lawn Care and Garden Equipment Helps You Maintain a Modern Garden Design and Landscaping

At Brinly, we design lawn care and garden equipment to help you with your modern garden design and landscaping.

For example, our ground-engaging garden attachments can help you dig out a new flowerbed, vegetable garden, or landscaped area. And our tow-behind carts hitch up to your garden tractor so you can take stones, mulch, soil, or other building materials to your new garden or landscaped area.

We have many other lawn and garden products to help you with creating and maintaining a beautiful property throughout the year:

  • Garden sprayers
  • Lawn rollers
  • Lawn sweepers
  • Push spreaders
  • Spike and plug aerators
  • Tow dethatchers
  • ZTR products.

You can buy your next Brinly lawn care and garden products online. If you have questions about your Brinly lawn and garden product, contact our customer service today by dialing 877-728-8224 or filling out our contact form.


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