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Your Guide to Planting a Clover Lawn


Are you tired of constantly mowing, fertilizing, and watering your grass lawn? Do you wish you could spend your summer weekends relaxing rather than taking care of your property? Look no further than planting a clover lawn as an alternative. Not only does this type of lawn require less maintenance than traditional grass, but it […]

Summer DIY Lawn Care

Do you want a professional-looking lawn? If you love working on your property, you can learn DIY lawn care secrets from the pros for a beautiful yard. It will require your time and sweat equity, though, because maintaining a healthy, green lawn takes time. Consider how the farmers tend their fields. They must plant at […]

Lawn Care Starter Kit : How to Start Lawn Care With A Kit

If you’re a new homeowner and this is your first season taking care of your lawn, you may be feeling overwhelmed; and a lawn care starter kit can help with that. This blog teaches you to begin lawn care on your property by learning the basics. Then, there will be lawn care equipment ideas to […]

Month-by-Month Lawn Care Calendar for Cool Season Grasses

While your cool season lawn may be asleep under a layer of snow, it’s not too early to start thinking about lawn care. Each month, including December through January, provides many opportunities to do something related to lawn care. A Quick Review of Growing Grass in the Transition Zone Before getting to the month-by-month calendar, […]

Lawn Maintenance: What’s Wrong with My Lawn?

What is wrong with my lawn

Hey, What’s Wrong with My Lawn? If “What’s Wrong with My Lawn?” is a question you’re asking yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s troubling to notice when a lawn is not in good shape. You want beautiful green grass with hardly any weeds. And yet… Your turf isn’t thriving as it should […]

Do You Want a Healthy Lawn? Then Dethatch It

Dethatcher Header Image

Get one step closer to beautiful turf– Give your lawn a good dethatching to keep your yard grass free of disease and insects, and to promote healthy soil! If you live in the colder regions of the U.S., fall is the time to dethatch your cool season grass. Cool season grasses consist of Kentucky blue, fescues, […]