Summer Lawn Care Quick-tips

Thirteen Summer Lawn Care Quick-tips

1. When in doubt, raise the cutting deck.
2. A shallow watering is worse than no water at all.
3. Don’t try to “water it back to life” – if it goes dormant, leave it.
4. Mulching > bagging
5. Never cut more than 1/3 of the blade at one time.
6. If you miss a regular cutting, use the highest setting.
7. Like a razor blade when shaving, a dull mower blade is a no-go.
8. If you must fertilize during the summer, only use organics.
9. Consider stepping stones for high-traffic areas.
10. Stop next years’ weeds with targeted, post-emergent herbicides.
11. Mow in varying patterns to avoid creating ruts.
12. Watering in the evening promotes fungal diseases.
13. Flush dog urine with water to prevent nitrogen burn.

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