Best Yard Irrigation Systems: Finding and Installing Your Underground Sprinkler System

yard irrigation systems

After this year’s summer, are you ready to put in a lawn sprinkler system? If you have experience with plumbing and landscape design, you may want to handle your own lawn sprinkler system installation.

In this blog post, you’ll learn the top five brands for in-ground sprinkler systems. You’ll also be able to find links to their websites for design and installation instructions.

What You Need to Know Before You Install Your Yard Irrigation System

Many of the top brands for a lawn sprinkler system don’t come in ready to assemble kits. Instead, you must buy the parts listed in the user’s manual.

So, if you haven’t worked on a lawn sprinkler system installation before, you may want to contact a landscape contractor to install it for you. However, if you have experience installing a yard irrigation system, you’ll be able to design and build your system on your own.

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Here are six points you need to know before buying your underground sprinkler system:

  • The type of soil on your property – What type of soil houses your grass lawn? Is it clay, sand, or loam? The type of soil dictates how often you’ll need to water your lawn.

For example, water drains right through sandy soil, but clay soil has smaller particles that holds onto water longer. Loam soil is considered the ideal soil—it drains well, stays moist longer and allows grass roots to grow deep into the soil.

  • The size of your lawn – Small lawns don’t need elaborate yard irrigation systems. Instead, you may get away with an above-ground sprinkler system. You may want to consider soaker hoses for your tiny backyard.
  • The shape of your lawn – Your property’s shape determines what type of sprinkler heads you’ll use for irrigating your yard grass. Certain types of property shapes don’t work well with particular spray heads and nozzles.
  • How much water you’ll use – You want to know how much water you’ll use because of your utility bill as well as knowing what type of irrigation system you need.

You also need to be aware of your water pressure. Will you be able to adequately push water through the underground lawn sprinkler to irrigate the back part of your property?

  • The connectors you’ll use – If you want to avoid leaks, clogs and wasted water, you should use strong metal connectors.

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  • How much will you spend on your lawn sprinkler system installation? – Your budget dictates what brand you buy, how complex your lawn sprinkler system will be, as well as the design you choose.

Top 5 In-Ground Yard Irrigation Systems

There are five yard irrigation systems available at your favorite big box retailers. These brands offer DIY’ers as well as landscape contractors the irrigation supplies you need for a lawn sprinkler system installation.

These five brands include:

  • K-Rain Sprinkler System Solutions: K-Rain provides a web page dedicated to homeowners. This web page includes Manuals/Instructions, Video: How to Set, and a link for finding a contractor near you.
  • Orbit:Orbit’s website provides you with an easy-to-use design tool to create your lawn sprinkler system. A parts list comes up instantly to show you what items you need to buy.
  • Toro Sprinkler Systems:You’ll find Toro’s website dedicated to DIY sprinkler systems. Toro provides homeowners with a manual that shows you how to design and install your yard irrigation system.

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