Electric Broadcast Spreader from Spyker

Electric Broadcast Spreader

Electric Broadcast Spreader

The professional-grade Spyker Electric Spreader is ideal for spreading seed, fertilizer, ice melt, or salt. This electric broadcast spreader features a 12-volt DC motor housed between corrosion-resistant stainless steel tubing.

Useable capacity (120 pounds) is increased over competitive models by mounting the motor outside the hopper – equating to fewer refills and increased efficiency.  To increase the capacity even more, check the manual to see if your vehicle is compatible with the 220 lb. hopper extension.
Electric Spreader Variable Speed ControllerUse the Variable Speed Control to set the ideal spread coverage for your application, up to 25 feet! Mount it using its built-in weatherproof connectors wherever you deem is most convenient on your ATV or UTV, lawn/garden tractor, or zero-turn-radius mower.  Foot pedal gate control cable comes standard for ZTR’s and as an option for other vehicle types, which come standard with the hand actuator. Hopper screen is included to insure proper material flow and prevent clumps from reaching the agitator.  The included see-through hopper cover keeps dust in and moisture and debris out.

As with all Spyker products, the electric broadcast spreader comes standard with Accu-way™ and Spyker Dial.  The patented, easy-to-adjust Accu-way™ system insures an even spread pattern, preventing striping of turf.  The Spyker Dial sets the opening width of the gate with an industry-leading 99 degrees of adjustability, promoting material efficiency and saving precious time and money.  And every Spyker product is built to withstand the test of time.  Spyker stands behind the quality of its materials and workmanship – offering a one-year warranty instead of the 90-day warranty covering competitive products.

For more information on the Spyker Electric Spreader visit www.spyker.com

Author: Brad Turner

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