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10 Common Weeds & How to Control Them Without Killing Your Lawn

Weeds—they’re everywhere. If you want a weed-free lawn, you need to know which weeds are living in your yard and then, use the right herbicides to get rid of them. But your job isn’t done yet. Instead, you need to incorporate some healthy lawn habits to ensure that these weeds can’t return to your beautiful […]

Stop Crabgrass with Pre-emergent Weed Control

preemergent weed control

Even if there’s still snow on the ground where you live, there’s no denying that spring is around the corner. So, get ready to take your Brinly-Hardy lawn care attachments out of the garden shed! In early spring, before the forsythia bush blooms, you need to apply pre-emergent weed control in your yard to keep […]