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Welcome to Brinly University

For the past several months, we’ve been hard at work on our new website, Brinly University. We hope that our new site will provide you with the most in-depth information on how to maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn and garden.

And now there are more ways than ever to get in touch with us. Have a question about one of our lawn attachments? Have comments or suggestions about your Brinly product? We want to hear from you! Visit our Contact page to reach us via email or phone. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Stay tuned for more exciting things from Brinly…



2 thoughts on “Brinly University – Welcome!

  1. Sam Bondi says:

    I just purchased a Brinly broadcast spreader. It generally seems to work very well, however, when I get down to the last 10% to 20% of the product being spread, it does not seem to feed as well and the spreading drops off — the last 5 -10% remains at the bottom of the hopper and will not disperse unless I stop and shake the hopper or fully open the opening.

    • Brinly Hardy says:

      Sam, as with most broadcast spreaders and depending on what type of material you’re spreading, you will experience the last bit not moving through the gate as freely as when the hopper was full. The more material, the more weight pushing down on it to help move it through the gate opening.

      Unfortunately, you will have to shake the hopper. We recommend closing the gate, keep the calibration setting where it was (do not opening the gate all the way), shake the material down to the gate, then open and continue spreading the remaining material.

      Here’s to a green lawn! Share some photos if you would

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