Is it Too Early? Springtime Seeding

Tow Spreader Spring Seeding

Springtime is obviously a great time to spread seed and plant. Temperatures have been unusually warm across the country these past several weeks.  And if you’re like us, you’re already tinkering around out in the yard and garden.  If you’re like us, you’re just itching to get out in the sun for some springtime seeding.

The question is however, is it too early?

If you’re considering planting a garden, it’s definitely too early as we’re still not safe from cold weather, hard frosts and even snow. Additionally, most garden centers don’t even have new plants in stock right now. Garden experts recommend waiting a few more weeks before planting.  By April 1, you should be in the clear. The same is true for planting flowers; you’ll be safer waiting. If you’re itching to get started early however, the weather is perfect for cleaning up around the yard, servicing your lawn equipment and clearing out flower beds.

As for spreading grass seed, it seems it’s never too early.  So long as you plan sowing around optimal soil temperature and moisture, your grass should germinate perfectly.

Springtime Seeding