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What Type of Lawn Spreader Is Best?

Lawn spreaders are an essential part of any homeowner’s toolbox. They help you put down fertilizer, grass seed, and ice melt. A lawn spreader is an all-year tool, and we are going to talk about what type of lawn spreader is best. How do you know what type of lawn spreader is best for you? […]

Which lawn spreader is best for my job?

which lawn spreader is best for my job

When it comes to seeding your yard, one of the most commonly asked questions is ‘Which lawn spreader is best for my job?’  Whether it be a broadcast spreader, drop spreader, or a handheld spreader, the right spreader will prevent you from wasting materials while also improving results.  Here are some factors that you should […]

Use a Spreader to Remove Ice on Sidewalks and Driveways

Spreader Winter Header Image

When a snow or ice storm hits the region where you live, it’s time to remove ice on sidewalks and driveways around your home. While you may be familiar with lawn spreaders putting down fertilizer or weedkiller, many can also be used to apply salt and ice melt in winter. Doing snow and ice removal by […]

How to Give Your Lawn a Final Fertilization or Weed Control Treatment before Winter


Fall is slowly moving toward winter; which means you’re almost done with your lawn and garden chores… Just don’t forget about the final steps of pre-winter lawn treatment. Before you put away your spreader for the season, your lawn needs one more shot of fertilizer if you live in the North. If you live in […]

Perfect for Spring The Brinly 25 Gallon Tow-behind Lawn Sprayer


Applying liquid lawn fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides and more becomes infinitely easier and much more consistent using a Brinly Sprayer. The tank, tubing, valves, powder-coated steel frame and other components are built to withstand the corrosive properties of lawn and garden chemicals for lasting durability. The ST-25BH sprayer designed to be supremely versatile. Applying liquids to […]

Spyker Handheld Spreader: Now available online

Handheld Spreader Post 1

The Spyker Handheld Spreader is perfect for de-icing sidewalks, stairs, driveways and other paved areas that could become slip hazards in winter weather. Its rotary broadcast design allows the user to spread ice melt more evenly compared to spreading by hand or shaking from a jug, saving material and money. Adjust the flow rate by […]

Grass Seed Planting Guide

How to seed your lawn

Grass Seed Planting Guide – BrinlyU With spring only a week away, many of us are beginning to think of warmer temperatures, short sleeves, and green grass.  Soon, we’ll begin the process of reviving our lawns from a long winter’s abuse.  A healthy, thick lawn is the best defense against opportunistic weeds and pests.  Read […]